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Finishing Friday

This is my fourth pair of the Beginner Sock. I bought the pattern at my local yarn shop, Willows. But you can find this and other pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple
Here is her Ravelry page: Knitting Pure and Simple. I decided to try this heel on the pair below.
So I started (over and over) this pair in an attempt to learn to work cuff down on HiyaHiya Fliers. I was using the following YouTube.
My problem was my ADD and this heel were not playing nicely. You see, the stitches on the heel were *slip stitch as if to purl, knit* for a row. Turn then purl the whole row. My hands couldn’t remember which row they were on. So I used the above heel by Knitting Pure and Simple and it’s kind of working.
The heel is turned, the gusset is shaped and now I’m on to the foot.
At this stage the heel makes me think of the mouth of a hand puppet. Which gives me an idea for a future project.
This is my favorite pair. The Caron yarn is soft. The ChiaoGoo red-lace circulars, US 6 make these so much easier on my hands and brain. For this and the next two pairs I’m using the following YouTube
The yarn and needles for this and the next pair are thin and a little more wearing on my hand but their getting done!
I just started this pair (again) today so the toe is only a few rows done. I’m loving the color and feel of the yarn, it’s just a bit thin so it’ll take a bit to get done.

We just finished Star Trek Discovery. You know you loved it when you’re crying and laughing at the end!

Four seasons. My son says 5 is coming, but I think it ended well on 4.

What doesn’t seem to have a finish is what I’m calling Sprinter.

Our only other season is trying to start: Summer, Fire season.

Making Monday

Four heels! I wanted to see if I could math my way from a 40 stitch Cast-on to a 60 stitch Cast-on. Wahoo! It worked!

The heels are the brown cotton blend.  I have not been a fan of the acrylic (the blueish white) or the cotton. The fibers are not as soft and they separate. Ugh! Oh, these are with the  HiyaHiya Fliers needles.

Double Pointed needles (Knitters’Pride Dreamz) the Cascadi superwashed yarns are very soft. I have the needles pointed to the heels. These four, tinks included, took me all day. But I feel accomplished on this first day of spring.

By the way, this day started out like this:

Progress has been made on other socks over the weekend.

Softer yarn but thinner and the ChiaoGoo red-lace circulars are a US size 1. But almost to the heels! Yay!
Caron is the softest yarn and I love these colors. ChiaoGoo red-lace circulars US size 8. Easiest on my hands.

Finishing Friday

I’ve tried and failed the heel on these socks. I think I’ve tinked 6 heels at least on the left sock. But I’m not giving up. I suddenly have an idea.    As you can see, I’m using HiyaHiya Fliers sharp, US 1-2.
Meanwhile, I made a few inches on this small bamboo thread pair of socks. ChiaoGoo red-lace circular needles size 2, 40″ cord.
This pair is for ME! Caron is so soft! This yarn is thicker so I’m using ChiaoGoo red-lace circulars size 8, 40″ cord.
Started the toe on this thin yarned pair of socks. ChiaoGoo red-lace circulars US 1, 40″ cord.
The gift pair still needs loose ends tidied up. Knitters’Pride Royale Circular Needles US 6, 40″. The label is missing this moment. But the yarn is a bumpy cotton.
But it was while I was trying to get to 7 inches (nearly there with the sock on the right.) Time for the heel! Then I realized I can adapt this heel to the Pretty White (light blue, actually) pair. I’ve already made this heel a few times. Yay!  Knitters’Pride Dreams double pointed US 6 needles. Cascade yarns superwashed wool. I doubt anyone can tell I am possessed by ADD.

Well, at least I’m staying out of trouble. 😉

One-Liner Wednesday

One tink, two tink, three tink four

This is what I’m knitting for?

I have spent my day knitting and then tinking on this pair of socks.

I started out with a blue denim yarn for the heel. The dye was turning my fingers blue and it wasn’t very soft. I tried and tinked a couple of times but hated the yarn. So I tinked back to the bluish white acrylic yarn.

Finally, I chose this brownish, yet soft cotton yarn for the heel. I still made mistakes and had to tink again. I think it is finally coming together. But my arms, back, shoulders, and fingers are unhappy.

Here is the YouTube I’m following for this pair:

Made It Monday

Yay, despite the weirdness of life knitting happens.

Knitters’Pride Royale Circular Needles, Caron Jumbo, (can’t find the label for colorway). I shared the videos I followed a couple days ago. Learning the Fleegle heel and a stretchy bind-off I really found easy.

On the other hand… I found Knitters’Pride Royale Circular Needles a pain to work with. This happened a lot:

The cables curled up and got in the way a lot. In my personal contest, ChiaoGoo red-lace circulars wins.

Here’s a nearly finished pair of cotton socks on ChiaoGoo red-lace circulars. The cables stay out of the way.

Meanwhile, here’s the ‘atmospheric river.’ Pretty, but I feel it is too little and too much too late.

By the way, is there anyone in the country that likes Daylight Savings Time?

Finished Friday

Yay! Son and SO made it to my house! Finished his socks!

Here is the YouTube I followed loosely.

She makes it easy!

I used Knitters’Pride Royale Circular Needles 40″ size 6 (I think–I’m not in the same room as the needles right now.) The yarn was a bulky superwash wool. I think these turned out too big. But I think they’ll shrink. They will be warm slippers.

Oh, and I discovered a cool bind-off.

Just a quick personal note. Knitters’Pride Royale Circular Needles are harder for me to work with than ChiaoGoo red-lace circular needles.

I’m doing my best to be my usual positive self despite the mully grubs of reality.

Snow. Lots. Just not all at once. It gets to this level, melts and reflakes.

We’ve got a couple more hours then it will be windy.

Meanwhile, my therapy of knitting keeps my hands moving while I process life, pets, and loved ones no longer with us.

My son and his girlfriend are traveling up. Snow or no snow. These socks are for them.

Nearly all the yarn for both pairs has been used up. I hope I’m done by tomorrow evening when they get here.

The reason for their scary mission is a memorial for my first dear sister in love. That’ll be Saturday in Portland. For my son it will be a 12 hour or more drive in much worse conditions than we have here. That’s how beloved Barb was/is for us.

I wanted to go. But my body is telling me that’s too long to be in a car. I used to handle long drives. But, especially being emotionally distraught from the losses of my furry friends, it seems far too much.

My older son is being picked up by the younger couple on the mission. I must admit to being very worried for all of them. As much as I would love to see my nieces and nephews, and sharing my condolences, I just can’t. I think I’ll write a letter or record my thoughts for them.

All of this plays on the huge housecleaning we need from our poor sickly Kali. We’ve done some but we are exhausted and can’t do as much as our younger selves could have accomplished.

One thing at a time. Doing what we can with what we’ve got. Sending and accepting love. Healthy mind and body.

Finishing Friday

I wish I were farther along than I am. But I’ll take what progress I can.

One finished two-toned sock done. The mate is nearly finished, too. Yay! Oh, these are cotton. The loom is the Flexee fine-gauge loom. Kitchener Cast-on toe. German short-row heel. Two-by-two ribbing cuff. The cast-off is a crochet type. I’m not so happy with only one chain between loomed stitches. I needed more stretch for this pair of socks.
Same cotton but a different pair. Knitting on ChiaoGoo red-lace circular needles. These are Toe-up Two At A Time Socks. Now I need to learn how to do wrap-and-turn heel. I now have three pairs waiting for my brain to catch up.
These, too, are cotton. A far finger thread. The needles are thin, I think size 1? Again, these are ChiaoGoo red-lace circular needles. I expect these to take twice as long as the thicker cotton socks. At least they are starting to be more like socks and less like bras.

I’m going to post this as a place holder. Our internet isn’t working. It is even spotty on my phone. Hitting publish now.

Edit: All I got into this post last night was the paragraph just above. The pictures came through only just this morning. Now I’ll label them.

My Stream of Consciousness Saturday may have to happen on Sunday.

There is no one in the office of our internet company to help during the weekend.😒

Finishing Friday

This pair of slipper socks is as done as I can get them. I’m waiting for the yarn I’ll use for the heel and cuff. The four cakes of yarn I have, won’t be enough for the four socks I’m making. I looked for more and no one seems to have that color anywhere. These are Two At A Time Toe-up on ChiaoGoo red-lace circular needles.
The sock on the left is ready for the heel. The sock on the right has about 3″ before the heel. Luckily the new brown cotton should be here Tuesday. These are done on Flexee fine-gauge looms. I prefer the circular needles. And I’m getting good at trading off continental and traditional knitting.
The sock on the left hasn’t progressed. The one on the right needed to be tinked back about 15 rows. But I am finally back where I came from. This is thin yarn on skinny HiyaHiya Fliers so it is still painful to work with. That dark blue yarn, Denim makes my fingers blue. So these don’t call my hands to work much.
These are tiny yarn and thin ChiaoGoo red-lace circular needles so it is still hard for my hands. This yarn feels better than the light blueish yarn above.
I’ve tinked a few times as I am still learning how to make heels on Two At A Time Toe-up Socks. These are Knitters’Pride Royale Circular Needles. I miss this yarn. Not the curling cords on the needles. I can’t wait till I understand the heel, wrap and turn, decrease, and even more so the undoing the wrap and turns increases.
Just waiting to understand heels. See above. Not the same yarn. This is super washed wool. Same needles.
I found this chart for socks and am trying to save it everywhere.

Alas, my Ancheer treadmill from Ebay but the dust. I’m back to cold weather walking. By the way, we did buy insurance on the treadmill so hopefully it will be fixed or replaced. Today’s walk:

Not a lot but cold! I’ll try to get better.

Tutored Tuesday

I had tried Continental Knitting before. I found it nice to have a change for my hands. But I noticed a big difference between the tension of either knitting style. I’m not sure what the right-handed style I learned as a kid is called. But I will say, Continental is more like how one holds fabric when crocheting.

Here’s my first practice piece front and back. The first two rows were the right hand method of purling. The rest is knit back and forth. Front, knit. Back, purl. I think that makes the stocking knit stitch. I need lots more practice.

The following is one of the YouTube tutorials I’m watching.

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