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One-Liner Wednesday

A pure bread dog to make you smile. (Thanks Facebook)
Participating in Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt.

Manifesting Monday. I found a pup like I want:

If you haven’t seen this show, it is a heart warmer.

I fell in love with the above pup. Criteria: female, fixed, vaccines, calm but enjoys walks and outings with me. Easily trained, already house trained. Not a fussy eater, but not a kitty litter consumer. Loves being bathed, nails trimmed. Loves being a lap pup. But enjoys alone time. Playful, enjoys toys. Healthy mind, body. Can read the humans. Get along with cats or other dogs. Knows we love her and loves us back. Soft little ears. Cuddles. This or better for the greater good of all of us.

Meanwhile, I finished these:

The yarn was soft. I’m done with double pointed needles for a while. I’m glad I know how.
Look at the right sock! Finally the toe is happening. I still don’t know who will get these. They are smaller than most people I know. It may be they will go to the charity. Again, I think I’m done with shorter needles. I prefer long cables. These tiny things hurt after a while.
This is my favorite pair. I think they will be mine! I’m at the heel stage which means they’ll be done soon.

Memories Monday

I was just researching my first blog about Kali. Maybe the archives don’t go back to December 9th, 2016. That’s the day Laura, my daughter brought Kali to me. The first blog I can find is This One. There is a picture of me from when Kali was still my grandpuppy and lived with Laura.

Now, this picture will make me cry forever. Kali is so sweet and full of energy. It is hard to remember her from back then. But if you do a search on the name Kali on my blog, you will see she even had her own blog for a while.

Please forgive me as I journey down memory lane.

As I said, Kali was Laura’s dog. They were inseparable. Laura took her everywhere. They shared a home with Logan, her brother, and Vader, Logan’s huge dog. Sometimes my brother and I would pet sit if the offspring had to go to a place where dogs weren’t allowed. Kali would sleep with me. Vader would sleep with my brother.

I felt we connected during those short visits.

Soon Laura decided it was time to get her own apartment. Kali didn’t like being alone while Laura went to work. Separation anxiety caused Kali to rip up Laura’s apartment.

Our house had four adults home all the time. We all thought we might be able to help her. And so it was decided Laura brought Kali to me on my birthday in December 2016. Doesn’t that seem a long time ago?


Please excuse me while I curse internally for a moment. I had a LONG blog ready to publish and only the top bit was saved. I am going to attempt to rewrite the WHOLE thing, even though it was full of painful memories. But I best get on with it.


Kali, a rat-terrier, had a lot of energy. We rarely had a quiet day at first. And that was good for me. Even though it was a very cold winter, I had to take her outside. I got a good tam that first year. We did a lot of playing in the yard or taking walks. She loved rides in the truck.

If you wanted to see a dog dancing pirouettes pull out the leash. It was hard to hold still but she wanted to go badly enough that she’d hold still to let you put on the harness or the coat if needed.

But she had social anxiety and couldn’t tell who was good or bad. She might attack the sweetest dogs and made some walks very scary for me.

After three donut turns at night, Kali would curl up in her ‘donut dog’ shape and sleep with me. It made me laugh every night.

Before Kali came it was only Teddy and Rosey. Teddy divorced me the minute Kali moved in. I tried to explain to him that I still loved him but he wouldn’t sleep with me or sit on my lap for the longest time. Only recently did he come back to me sleeping in the bed and spending lap time. I’m glad he forgave me before he left us for that rainbow bridge a few weeks ago.

Though we only had her for seven years it seem like we were together forever. Kali was a part of my daily life. Even with her quirks, she was my best friend.

In the last few months Kali was diagnosed with doggy’s Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cataracts. Her inability to see and her confusion would have her lost in a corner here or there. She was in a lot of pain and we finally had to give up outside jonts as she could get hurt falling up or down the steps or get lost in bushes. We lined our house with piddle pads and eased her shame that it was all she could do. I gradually had to have her sleep on a little bed at the foot of my bed. I felt badly that she couldn’t sleep with me but she fell off the bed so many times and I was always scared she might hurt herself. This whole process was so painful for all of us. From the high energy of her youth to seemingly older than us in the end. Taking care of an elder dog is heartbreaking.


I know there was more here but I forgot what I wrote drat it!


So the last couple weeks she just got more and more tired, just laying at first on the sofa but soon even that was too dangerous so we would scoope her up and put her on either the bed in our room or the bed in the living room where she was right on the floor.

The last few days she gave up food and water. We could no longer give her the pain meds as they needed food or she’d get sick. This was so hard. Look up what to expect from a dying dog. She was all that list. The only good was she preferred lap time with me and I would spend that time talking to her and petting her ears. She loved that.

We live so far from a vet that the trip to have her euthanized seemed crueler than just easing her with love. Yes there was pain but that trip is very painful.

We four adults took shifts in the last days so that she was never alone. We did all we could to keep her comfortable and knowing she was loved.

At 5:11 this morning my husband woke me (I’d just gone to bed at 3:30) and told me that Kali went peacefully.

I woke to an already cleaner house as my brother had picked up and thrown away all the piddle pads and all the bedding and towel were in the washer. He even had a small funeral with the little cat outside as witness. We were all wet faced for several days. Kali is missed. How many dogs love loom knitting?

Here’s a little poem my husband, Chris created with the IA program.

A loyal friend who loved to play, 

A furry companion who brightened each day, 

A faithful pet who stole our hearts, 

Our beloved dog who now departs. 

With wagging tail and happy bark, 

You greeted us each time we embarked, 

On walks and runs and games of fetch, 

Your presence made us feel so blessed. 

You snuggled close on cold, dark nights, 

Your warmth and love were shining lights, 

You listened closely to our tales, 

And licked our tears when we felt frail. 

But now you’re gone and we’re alone, 

Our hearts are heavy, our souls are moan, 

We’ll miss your smile, your silly ways, 

And cherish memories of better days. 

Rest in peace, dear furry friend, 

Your love and loyalty will never end, 

Though you’re no longer by our side, 

In our hearts, you’ll always reside. 

Made by Chris 

Your prompt for #JusJoJan the 28th and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “throw in the towel.” Use the phrase “throw in the towel” somewhere in your post. Enjoy!

The piddle cleaning solution says to soak up said piddle with a towel before applying product.

Wall-to-wall piddle pads don’t prevent all piddles. And so at said piddles we throw in the towel.

Alas. Love the old gal. We’ll miss her when she’s gone, but towels will live another day for being thrown.

Good Old Dog: Expert Advice for Keeping Your Aging Dog Happy, Healthy, and ComfortableGood Old Dog: Expert Advice for Keeping Your Aging Dog Happy, Healthy, and Comfortable by Nicholas Dodman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My dog, Kali, is getting quite old. Her back legs don’t work very well anymore. She can’t get up on furniture or up or down stairs to go outside. She has cataracts, so she can’t see very well. Because of the leg issue, she is incontinent. She was urinating everywhere, even in my bed. She can’t control her bowels well. As much as we love her, this part of her life is difficult for all of us. We finally have a little bed at the end of my bed, so she doesn’t fall. We have wall-to-wall piddle-pads to catch her boo-boos. She gets baths nearly daily as she walks through her boo-boos and gets pooh all over herself and the floor.

I am lucky that there are four of us in this house to watch and care for her and the problems that come up. But we all know what is next in this flow of life. I needed someone to help me know what to do. I’m finding old age is a series of milestones like infancy. Watching the achievements fade is as painful as seeing the accomplishments in the beginning.

But here we are. So this book helped me. A veterinarian writes it, so the advice is given with experience and understanding of what the dog’s parents are going through. I wish we could put diapers on Kali, but she barely puts up with the baths. We need to be patient and give her love while we can. It breaks my heart. I remember when she was too much. Running, jumping, no keeping her quiet. Now it seems we have almost a different dog.

I plan to reread this book as she progresses. It is very useful. Our nearest vet is an hour and a half away, and she can’t handle the trip for little things. It will be the big issue that will take us all over that hill. It will be a very sad drive. Thank you for such a helpful book.

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Finishing Friday

Making progress. It sure needs straightening.
Received the book inspiring my NaNoWriMo for this year. Lots to do before Halloween midnight!
Kali sleeps while I display the DPN socks. Next I learn to finish the heel. That lesson is on Tuesday. I can’t wait!

Meanwhile, I think I have enough yarn to make one more hat for charity.

No picture of plumbing issues. I don’t want to see it. But my shower is weeks from being done. The floor is finally dry. Now to get rid of the mold that has formed in the wall for years, maybe decades. The plumbing is put together. Once mold free the walls go back up. Meanwhile, I’m sorting

Yes, still letting ‘sleeping dog’ lie. The sock on the left had to be frogged and started over. It seems like no progress but that sock is now past where it was when I had to reknit.
I’ll probably get more done on these this weekend.

Mostly my aim is to have enough characters and a bit of plot on some kinda world. Three days!!!!! Yikes!!!!

What are you working on?

Finishing Friday

This is the feet and pants of the bear I’m learning to knit. See yesterday’s blog for the YouTube.

By the way, see the end of the needles? These were part of a little box my mom gave me decades ago. I don’t know what the gob is. Maybe putty? Gum? And I’m not sure but that these may be ivory from the days when we did such horrors as chop of elephant tusks for our knitting or makeup supplies. Still, it is cool to have inherited my mother’s needles.

This will be another hat.

This little squiggly doll was made a year or so ago. I don’t like stuffing and sewing so he went into the WIP cave of lost souls. But my daughter’s new interest in knitting toys gave me a boost to try and finish him. I need to stuff and sew on the arms and give him a hat or hair and a face.

Two hats
Frogged and remounted socks.
A lapdog that wouldn’t let me knit.❤️
On my last third of the diamond painting.

One-Liner Wednesday

How many of you crab climb out of the recliner so as not to disturb the dog?

One-Liner Wednesday is Linda’s prompt. Follow the above link to join the fun.

2019-2020 SoCS Badge by Shelley!

Prompt of the day, per Linda:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “wash/awash.” Use one, use both, use ’em any way you like. Bonus points for using both. Enjoy!

Plans for the ADD person are complicated at best. But with the addition of nearly 100 degrees, cleaning vomit from the dog who seems not to get along with her meds, then the trips outside and all the normal things to do in a day. My plans were awash. Not laundry. Just washed away.

Instead of writing or getting projects into yWriter7, WriteItNow, and Scrivener, I found a video game that I could download from the game group I bought from ages ago. I have a ton of writing that needs editing and moved around. Overwhelm much? Yep!

The story is horrid. The games and hidden objects help distract the heat and guilt of not doing the jobs I should.

So I bathed myself in non-adulting for a change! Take that, adult world! Awash in fun for a change!

I’m grateful for my new laptop but have to admit my frustrations of starting over. All my writing in yWriter7 and WriteItNow and Scrivener are stuck in RTF form and tons of work awaits to bring them back to life. So that’s my time lately in a nutshell.

Sadly I have to report I didn’t get but half my word count goal this month. But I had a marvelous time with family and friends, so not really complaining. Just reporting.

Purple waterfall is nearly finished. Front lit.
Back lit
These charms are finished on both sides. I still need to apply sealant and then figure how to make the mobile out of them.
This is the next hand-held charm to work on. These are great for times when you don’t want to bend over the bigger pictures.
Barely made any headway on these. They are almost finished!
Started another pair of cotton spa slippers. I love this yarn my friend gifted me.
Today our three furries had a vet appointment. These two seem none the worse for the wear. Three hours in the non-AC truck can with all windows open. But their prognoses (is that plural?), Rosey, the black one is old but healthiest of the bunch. Not even considered overweight. Her seizures to be watched, nothing more to be done. Teddy, the ginger, has cancer sores in his mouth and had to get a steroid shot. And drops to take. He hates that.
Kali is old and has arthritis, is deaf, with cataracts. Nothing we can do but give pain meds. She is meandering as is her habit. That’s why the picture is blurry. It’s probably time for her meds . Poor babies.

While my brother and husband did the vet run. My son and I cleaned. He worked on the out of control mud room. I shampooed the carpets. It was nice not to have furballs in the way. We were successful in our ventures. Now I need to finish cleaning out the shampooer. Yuck!


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