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Finishing Friday

Oops! I was supposed to be finished with these  but I got distracted. Maybe by Sunday? I plan to make them low cuffs so about five rows of knitting, then five more of ribbing. Then I will give up on thinner yarns and needles. Oops! I still have the next pair. My fingers are saying, ‘Ugh!’
Still I love the colors!
This yarn is easier though a little boring. Still my allergic friends will like these better than the fun wools that I like. Getting ready to finish the heel. That’s the party I have to concentrate on. Lots of counting. I just admit the yarn and needles are much kinder to my hands.

I have a few other projects but the progress is even less than these. I’m wondering how summer will affect progress. With walks and biking indoors I’m moving more.

I am trying out my walking sticks. Who knew that could tire one out?

Simple Sunday

Velcro is too loud, but slip on Skechers do the job!

Thanks, Yvensong.

Thus Thursday

Though we got the indoor bike delivered late yesterday, we didn’t take it out of the box until today.

Outside of the moment it all went well. Then we couldn’t figure out why the seat had four holes for screws while the metal brace part had three holes. What? The four holes in the shape of a square did not line up with the three in the shape of a triangle.

I say ‘we,’ but Chris did the physical building, I just worried and supervised.

Then he saw the actual seat with the triangle holes and realized that other bit was the back rest. Whew!

All in all, it took a couple hours. Chris took his ride first. Then I did a couple miles in my living room. Since we didn’t take our walk today, I pictured our half mile turn around, so quickly arrived and repeated in my head. Imagine how far a mile would happen on a real bike!

When not in use it goes in my Dabbling Den. Yeah, another thing to block the piano. But on the right side the diamond painting area is not being used right now. The whole area needs a makeover.

Luckily, the wheels on the bike make it easy to move around.

I meant to mention that box of yarn tucked in under the keyboard of the piano.  Yay! Yarn!
From the driver’s seat, the front of the bike. Yes, that is Rosey’s food dish.

I’m happy to have the bike today. It was hot and humid. Then we had thunder storms. But that left a phenomenal sunset. Sorry it isn’t even close to what I saw.

Happy Thursday!

One Liner Wednesday

Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase. –Martin Luther King Jr

Found in

Page 212

A to Z Challenge 2023, V

Violet visually vibrate



Spring wins.

A to Z Challenge, U

Usually when my long hair irritates me, I pull it back in a ponytail. Today it tickled me like I had spiders crawling on me. It was past my shoulders by 7 inches. I was trying to color it purple but the lower part just got dark brownish purplish muddy color. So it was time to cut it.

I was a cosmetologist in my late teens and early twenties. So cutting hair is fun. But it’d been a while. So I found a really fun YouTube video to get me started. Now I was unafraid to start.

Don’t mind all my projects behind me. Or all the wrinkles!

I like the light lavender. And I feel free! There are still a couple snips I need to do. And my husband has promised to shave the monkey strays on my neck tomorrow.

Undeniably I can say I’m ready for summer. But I will have to be diligent not to leave my newly exposed face, ears or neck parts uncovered. Sunscreen Unlimited!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “starts with mono.” Find a word that starts with “mono” and use it in your post. Enjoy!

Mono Lake is one of the most enchanting places on Earth. On a solo drive from Southern California to Reno it captured my imagination during a rest stop at sunset. I wish I had taken pictures. The tufa looked like fairy castles and the little flies were the fae. Please click on the underlined Mono to see a bit of wonder. As I pulled into the scenic view “Time to Say Goodbye” was playing on my Camry’s CD player.

My favorite song, I think.

Here’s another view of Mono Lake:

Be glad I chose not to tell you about my non-kissed mononucleosis. The lake is far cheerier !🤪

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “antic.” Use it as a word or find a word that contains it. Bonus points if you do both. Enjoy!

Anticipating April and Camp NaNo, I set up an easy goal. 15k for the month. Editing the novel started in November helps me get reacquainted with all the characters and the plot. So I’m counting the contents of each scene I edit. That will give me word count at first. And today’s count impresses me: 3,440! Yay!

Other antics I’ve been up to: more socks!

These are for me!!! Toe-up Two At A Time Socks with Fleegle Heel on ChiaoGoo red-lace circulars US 8, 40″. I no longer need to watch the YouTube by Happee.
On the foot, nearly the toes. I’m so glad. These needles and thin yarn are hard for my hands. These will probably fit a child.
These have been knitted and tinked so many times! Though the needle and yarn are thin, the Two At A Time Toe-up Socks on ChiaoGoo red-lace circulars US 1 are easier than the HiyaHiya Fliers or double pointed needles. It’s a learning curve for the mind and fingers.

Meanwhile, I’m improving on my exercises. I graduated bands on one of the leg bits. I can finally do a jumping jack. Not as many as the trainer, but more than the arm lifts I did at first. Isn’t it fun to watch your own body and mind improve? Even at this age (73)! Marvelous! We are made out of the stuff of miracles!

We’re loving Piccard!!!

Don’t expect practice jokes from me. I hate them. But I love all you

Facebook Friday

A two-hour-old hippo.
Joining this group Science-Nature Hub posted by Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Thought we all could use some cute.

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