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Just Jot It January, Combo

So I’ve gotten behind on Jusjoing. Other things needed to be blogged, too.

My solution is to write a meander between the three I missed.

My dog is on my mind 24/7. She is having so many problems. And yet with age, some things are better. She used to shake and run around. She made me nervous. So much for being my support canine. I became hers.

But we could exercise outside. I couldn’t take walks with her for being afraid of the big dogs she’d challenge. But most walks were okay.

Between doggy Alzheimers, bad eyes and hips, and icy snow, those walks ended.

I picked up a treadmill. It’s still scary with her as she is turning circles or bumping into things, even the treadmill.

My husband has become my watch-person, to make sure Kali doesn’t hurt herself on the treadmill or cause me to fall while trying to achieve my 1.23 miles. Whatever works, right?

I don’t quite understand how the programs work. I started out just hitting start and then the + or – as my body, breath, and legs needed.

I learned to name the speeds. 1 was the annoying slow people in the mall. I always need to go faster than that. 2 was a crowded mall. Everyone is moving in concert, but still not fast enough to get the errands done. 3 seems the speed my body likes best. My heart rate goes down. It’s the Goldilocks speed for me.

Ah, but 4. That’s late for the bus but you don’t want the cool kids to see you running. It’s pushing me. If I get winded, the heart rate seems too high, or Kali is too close, I slow it down.

One day I got curious. What are these programs? So I hit the button. Program 1 was mostly the slow mall workers. I found I could + or – as my body chooses I found the first program boring so I got brave and hit 2.

Oh. Here was the challenge. It fools you with a 1 at first. Gradually it changes to 2. Then when you’re bored it becomes 3. But get ready. 4 comes. At first I couldn’t and minused it. Soon I could handle the first round of 4. But then it happens again. 1, 2, 3, then a LONG 4! Oh, boy! That about killed me at first! I remembered to hit the + or – as needed.

Guess what? I can now handle program 2 without changing it. I’m tired and sweaty but feeling proud. I have snuck to a 5 once in a while. I’m naming it, I see the bus. Better get there now!

My daughter and sons jog. They are my inspiration. I throw out dreams to the universe of marathons. But really just doing the half hour daily is okay for now.

I picture my son’s girlfriend who has helped inspire me also. This reminds me of Rizza.🤗

The prompt word for January 23rd is “paintbrush.” Thanks go to Paula for the colourful prompt! Please be sure to check out Paula’s blog here!

For Just Jot it January, click the following link to see how you, too, can join in! It’s fun!

The flowers of Indian paintbrush are edible, and were consumed in moderation by various Native American tribes as a condiment with other fresh greens. These plants have a tendency to absorb and concentrate selenium in their tissues from the soils in which they grow, and can be potentially very toxic if the roots or green parts of the plant are consumed. Highly alkaline soils increase the selenium levels in the plants. Indian paintbrush has similar health benefits to consuming garlic, though only if the flowers are eaten in small amounts and in moderation.[10]  Found on Google. I think Wikipedia

When I saw the prompt, the first thing that came to mind were camping trips.

Every year my parents to us kids on a three week vacation. Usually camping. It was what they could afford. And for me they were great memories.

Some of the sites we went to had campfire chats or day hikes where they taught us flora and fauna of the area.

I remembered them talking about this plant. Somehow the part I remember was that it was also called Indian laxative. Looking at what I shared from Wikipedia, it might not be the plant that did the job. Maybe they were introduce at the same take and it all mixed in my head. But you can imagine what went through my head as I recalled the plant pictured above.😂

I think that the plant I’m actually thinking about has a shiny, waxy leaf. Well, don’t rely on me to help forage 60 years later.

Just Jot it January 2023, and it’s brought to you by Carol Anne. Thank you, Carol Anne! Please be sure to visit Carol Anne’s blog to read her post and say hello. And follow her while you’re there, if you’re not already.

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 15th 2023, is “gratitude.” Use the word “gratitude” any way you’d like. Have fun!

Gratitude grows with age. At least it has for me. From the days of birthing babies until they grew into wonderful adults that feeling of lucky and blessed has grown with them.

Now having just turned 73, I find so much in every hour to be grateful for. I think I’m most thankful that I am still learning every day. But health seems to be growing and my life is full of love. What more could one want?

For all of you!

Just Jot It January, Reversal

“Reversal” is our prompt word of the day today. Thank you to Sadje for this


Reversals are hard on mature minds.

Growing up spankings were the way to discipline children. I didn’t feel right when I tried. It left me angry and the kids frustrated. And nobody learned anything but how to bully. I learned new methods that worked without shame or pain. I maybe wasn’t the best mom but I tried to be thoughtful and teach love and respect a new way.

Growing up we were taught to clean our plates. Sure our parents grew up in the depression. Wasting food was a crime in their eyes. Overweight as an adult I’ve fought to reverse that concept. I’m doing better but still learning.

My generation was taught that many forms of exercise was silly. Riding your bike to school was for losers. Running, also uncool.

I don’t think peer pressure would have talked me out of swimming. And I remember feeling so free biking to school. Running wasn’t something my body could do.

Now there is no pool. These rocky dirt roads might not be safe for bikes. But I’m reversing my thoughts on running.

Example: my treadmill has different settings. I’m not sure of the meanings. But I’ve invented ways to relate. “1” is following the slow people in the mall. “2” is crowded but getting there. “3” feels perfect. The errands will get done. “4” is late for the bus but not letting the cool kids see me running. Today I hit “5”. I’m late for the bus but not quite a run. Guess what? I think quick spurts of running are in my future. Cool kids be damned!😂

Oh, and we were never to trust anyone over 30. Reversed that one by 43 years!!!

Just Jot It January, Cancer

Cancer is a word none of us want to hear. Unless you or your child are born between June 21 to July 22. Sadly for my mom she was born during that time and died of the worst cancer, pancreatic. One moment she wasn’t feeling well. Progressing quickly from not being able to eat to exploratory surgery. They closed her up. Gave her six weeks. But she was gone before I could see her again.

I wrote the above paragraph this morning. My jotting gave out. This was about a cancer that happened in 1990s.

Many family members and friends have passed since. And others got reprieved of the cancer sentence.

I wish everyone healthy lives without cancer.

And all the other ribbons that represent.

Here we are again, JusJoJan. A fun way to kick the resolution to write every day into gear. See what I did there?

Per Linda:. Your prompt for JusJoJan January 1st 2023, is “resolution.” Use the word “resolution” any way you’d like. Have fun!

I don’t do well with resolutions. It’s a sure fire way to get a couple of days of habit forming the good or eliminating the bad ways to fall on the floor with my inner teen rebel. I prefer seeing the end result in my head. I see if it seems in attunement with my nature. Can I see the possibilities of it working with my passions? If so no other thought is necessary.

That worked quite well for me for a couple of years. My weight had dropped and my blood tests have improved a lot. All from the thought that what my son said about Keto/fasting felt right to me. It had been easy. I don’t work hard at it. I just follow my mind/body. If, as my birthday, I want pizza, I have it with a passion and go back to healthy the next day. See? No resolution. Just keep leaning toward what feels right to my body.

What Day Is It Anyway

Today I told my friend that I’d rather Zoom on Thursday. Only several hours later did I realize it was in fact, Thursday. Ah, adventures in #WDIIA

Maybe it’s the crazy weather. A month and a half of snow. A day of mud and weeds. Then today:

One-Liner Wednesday

Finally, my shower is working!

(Thanks David!)

One-Liner Wednesday

Yep. Me and fam. And a lot of CVers showed up.

This is what today looked like on the only day for the medical team to drive 150 miles. Treacherous drive over mountain passes. Here’s what it looked like here:

Look at the blue sky!
At the community health center looking toward the park.
The park
The park

Here’s the crazy orange moon close to the horizon giving a street light competition.

Not the clearest picture. It was cold and I was standing on a pile of snow in Crocs. Okay. Dumb.


Thankfully, Chris came out okay. The doctor said it was an anomaly and said just watch him and take it easy for a couple days. She asked if there was anything else we needed. I was feeling silly and gasped for coffee. This sweet doctor went to the doctor’s lounge and picked up two cups for us. She knew leaving for Christmas Valley at 1:00 would put sleepy people out driving at a dangerous time on scary roads. I could’ve kissed her! It was strong and hot!! It was so cold outside. It even snowed on the way home. It didn’t stick but I was excited. Don’t you love watching snow aiming for the windshield in the dark? It’s amazing! Like a spaceship in warp drive.

I’m grateful my husband is fine. That we got home safely. And I’m grateful for a day to sleep in and off.

I’m grateful that my brother and husband can fix the shower.

Meanwhile, it is getting cold at night. We have a 15 degree night coming up this week. Ugh! Give me snow!!!

I’m grateful for friends and family and the love shown to us for Chris’s sake.

Feel the love!
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