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Along with plenty of water, salad and salmon, another important part of my daily diet is a small bit of dark chocolate. A diet should have some yum, don’t you think?

I choose that square nearest my left side of my hair. Just above the double heart.

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 10th, 2022, is “chocolate.” Use the word “chocolate” any way you’d like. Have fun!

Wow! Can you believe we are back to January in a year that can look like this Y2K22? Beginning Just Jot it January, again, a prompt to write on everyday. Today’s blends with the Stream of Consciousness Saturday with the word prompt appropriate for the day, resolve.

Resolve according to Dar’s silly dictionary is to repeatedly solve. Which is how we all continue an insanity every year. Resolutions have been proven unsuccessful most of the time.

My friend and I choose to sit and write out possibilities. Last year I saw a possibility of getting healthier. It took the whole year adjusting eating habits losing over 30 pounds. And Intermittent Fasting has been the best, easiest method of my life.

This year will mean a possibility of more movement. More music making. More art enjoyments. Of course more knitting. But I’m determined to knit socks on circular needles, flippies  or whatever they call those bendy short ones, and I want to learn to use double pointed needles. Right now, loom knitting is fast and I don’t lose stitches. But I am determined to be able to use any of these methods.

I see myself writing more letters and cards. And speaking of writing, I see those many books edited and finding readers. 

I see people being kinder to each other. So let’s see if we can make this and more come true!

Per Linda of the prompts:

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “resolve.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Have fun!

Merry Christmas!

I hope all my friends and family have health, and love for this Christmas.

Meanwhile, we have no internet, or data, or cell. At least we’re warm. They say the internet will be back up by midnight. This storm is causing it’s trouble. Still

Have a beautiful Christmas!

Ta-Da Tuesday

One sock down, 4″ needed for sock 2.

And we got a call that we get our boosters on my birthday. I’m happy. 🤗

I didn’t feel the blues because it was either Monday or sort of rainy. But with my cataracts, my wonderful husband agreed to help me find my medical insurance today.

We started with this book:

Yeah, useless.

Our tiny hamlet doesn’t have anything for older people. No flu shots without albumin, no vaccines. To get those, we need to spend $50 for something free. And indeed, finding helpful insurance has been stressful and sad. We finally settled on something… I think. Meanwhile, I need only green spray paint to recycle/reuse this piece of *&#$+*for the trees wasted.

Calling for green spray paint and glitter.

One-liner Wednesday

Gung ho yesterday is today’s laid back.

Part of One-liner Wednesday.

Ridiculous Cataracts!

I can accept the issues I have with weird eyes. But it makes me sad when someone has to clean up after me.

No, I don’t mean housework. I mean, well, let me tell you what happened.

Last night I was trying to update my NaNoWriMo word count. Earlier, I had reported 2,613 here and at the NaNo site. But before I went to bed, I had achieved 3,505 words. I put that in. But when I looked at the top of the bar I thought it had remained the same. I saw 2k something. I thought the internet, my computer, or something on the site itself was messed up. I refreshed the site and reentered the 3505. Nope, nothing changed. Oh, look, there’s another place to put the numbers in below the bar. So I did. I tried and refreshed multiple times.

Then I wrote to the Help Center about the issue. Then I went back to the page. I scrolled around. I think that fixed my eyes somewhat. I looked at the fraction on the bottom of the bar. It said 16k/50k I had award notices all lined up. OMG! It was working! Now, how do I fix my problem?

I went back and apologized profusely and told them that the 2k number I had misread was actually 2021. Duh! So embarrassing!

So if they can’t get around to or can’t fix my mistake, I will have to keep track here and on paper until middle of the month when I catch up with the number.

Right now, with a couple hours left to write, I have 4380. I just didn’t want to wait to blog.

Finally, done with the things like my walk, winter clothes out, and summer put away. Hey, did I tell you I’ve managed another 36+ hour fast? I’m pretty jazzed about that. It has taken me a LONG time to get to this point. I decided Sunday is best for the day to skip food. It gets more of a spiritual feeling as I try to find which things to focus my thoughts on. And just like the fast I did with my husband for his procedure last week, I find the hours 24 and 25 the most difficult. After that, it is a piece of cake. I broke that fast with two slices of bread with butter and one egg. And I didn’t get sick from it! Yay!

The fall progress picture was taken after my walk.

The trees and mesquite bushes are shedding quite a lot.

So on to my #Inktober submission and a continuation of the story.

“Crystal, wake up!” Her fan was shaking her.

“Go away. Let me sleep!” Crystal groaned. Then she rolled over. She was cold. She pulled on her hood and stuck her hands in her pockets. “Oh, it’s over?”

The fan was surprised. “Yeah. What was all that? Was it real?” The fan held out her hand. “Cindy, by the way. My name is Cindy.”

Crystal took Cindy’s hand and allowed Cindy to help Crystal to her feet. “Hi, Cindy! What happened?” Crystal knew. But each of her helpers experienced these things far differently from what Crystal knew as the truth.

“Were you a lizard? Who killed the guard? And should we go help that guy?” Cindy asked and pointed to another corner where a barrel seemed to be calling out with a hand waving. “And what is that sour smell?”

Crystal sniffed the air and wrinkled her nose. “Ew! Yeah. What is that?”

Crystal and Cindy walked toward the barrel. As they got closer, the word ‘Pickles’ gave them the odor’s origin. “They must be rotten pickles.” Crystal stated. She reached into the barrel and pulled out a man in a soggy green uniform. A puffy sopping hat was in his other hand.

“William! How did you get in here?” Crystal asked.

“There was a huge wind. It blew off my hat. The hat fell into the barrel. I had to go in and get it. But that was when I got stuck. I’m so glad you found me before I was pickled.”

Crystal laughed. She understood how all this happened. She wanted to hug her friend, but, ick! “Let’s go back to my trailer, and I’ll explain it all to both of you.
After you shower and change into clean clothes, that is. You’re quite the guard, Will! And you were put into quite the pickle!” She laughed again.

Fall Progress

An hour before sunset


Just to update quickly my husband is fine.  He had a few polyps that they removed.  The cool part for me was I was able to show support in two ways.  One was to drive him home.

Chris had to fast from midnight Saturday night until after his appointment 1 (or was it 2? Weird I can’t remember now) on Monday.

Anyway,  Easy peasy.  I did heavy Keto Saturday until my normal cut off of 8PM.

I have been trying to work my fast time to the health-inducing autophagy of a 36-48 hour fast.

By the way, here’s the definition of autophagy: 

Autophagy is the body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells, in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells, according to Priya Khorana, PhD, in nutrition education from Columbia University. “Auto” means self and “phagy” means eat. So the literal meaning of autophagy is “self-eating.”Aug 23, 2018 › health

Funny now I think about it. Isn’t that what Autumn is about? Leaves fall to feed the tree next year.

So, after that crazy hour I usually give in as too hungry at hour 24/25. But this was easy sailing. Nothing crazy. No shakes or fainting.  And if it is such a bad thing why did his doctor recommend such a fast for a diabetic who is on more prescriptions than I am. So this seemed a good time to try. I declared it to him. He gave me an out. But I knew love would get me through.

It was fun to watch us both as we gain a confidence in our bodies. We both knew tricks.  He could cheat and have broth or even jello if sugar levels got bad. He did drink some broth.

I knew I could cheat with bone broth or even peanut butter. Though technically those break a fast it is okay for newbies.

No cheating for me. Drinking water, tea, and coffee helped keep me hydrated. I felt badly that my husband wasn’t allowed water or anything on the morning of the procedure. I had to sneak sips when he was busy driving.

I brought a jar of natural peanut butter and two clean spoons for after. We had a two hour trip back so I felt it wise.

We stopped at the Barnes and Noble on the way out. No. Not for the books. I knew they had a nice restroom. All that water needs to go somewhere. I might note, outside of the doctor’s office this was the cleanest and most protective spot I’d ever been to. I plan to go back soon!

My fast lasted 45 hours if you don’t count a spoonful of peanut butter. Today was feast day. Maybe tomorrow I’ll fast 36 again. Weight has fallen a lot since I began this adventure early this year.

Did you notice in the pictures above, that the smaller tree on the right has lost most of it’s leaves except up near the top some stubborn green leaves are hanging on for dear life!


Source: Daycares in Finland Built Their Own ‘Forests’, And It Changed Kids’ Immune Systems

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