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One Liner Wednesday

Does one get a badge for living through Firefly Lane? You’re crying, I’m not crying? 😭

Part of Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday.

Theater Thursday

My husband and I love to watch shows about animals or nature, especially on the weekends. Veterinarian shows are our go to to have on while writing or other jobs that we need the visual distraction to rest our eyes on when looking up.

Somehow weekends have become weekdays. Today we were watching zoo shows or one about elephants. The thing I do remember was it was on National Geographic. Suddenly we looked up and it was a documentary about Patagonia. It’s called Wild Life. I loved it.

While we were watching that my friend IMed me about a show she enjoyed on Tubi called Restart the Earth. I thought it would be similar. But no. Still I’m enjoying a disaster movie that reminds me of The Last of Us.

What have you been watching?

A to Z Challenge, H

How has this day escaped me? Ooh! Look at that, without even trying, I’ve used the letter! I usually do Make It or Made It Monday, but I just put all the projects away. And, yes, that was what kept me busy. The slipper socks I was making for me were disturbingly messed up. So I had to tink back down past the boo-boos. It was slow and boring, so I watched Knives Out and the Glass Onion while ripping the slipper to a workable place. Hey, those were fun! I didn’t expect to like them. I don’t like murder mysteries. But these are about a lot more than murder. Unfortunately, you have to rent Knives Out from Amazon. But you don’t need to watch Knives Out to watch Glass Onion.

This evening I decided I needed something in the background. I absolutely hate this show for all the intrigue and meanness. But the music is so captivating that I couldn’t help myself but buy the sheet music and hope to try to play it someday.

Somehow I need to get the area around my piano open so I can play again. Right now, it is holding the broken treadmill that we still haven’t gotten the people to do what they should about it.

Happy Monday!

Finishing Friday

This is my fourth pair of the Beginner Sock. I bought the pattern at my local yarn shop, Willows. But you can find this and other pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple
Here is her Ravelry page: Knitting Pure and Simple. I decided to try this heel on the pair below.
So I started (over and over) this pair in an attempt to learn to work cuff down on HiyaHiya Fliers. I was using the following YouTube.
My problem was my ADD and this heel were not playing nicely. You see, the stitches on the heel were *slip stitch as if to purl, knit* for a row. Turn then purl the whole row. My hands couldn’t remember which row they were on. So I used the above heel by Knitting Pure and Simple and it’s kind of working.
The heel is turned, the gusset is shaped and now I’m on to the foot.
At this stage the heel makes me think of the mouth of a hand puppet. Which gives me an idea for a future project.
This is my favorite pair. The Caron yarn is soft. The ChiaoGoo red-lace circulars, US 6 make these so much easier on my hands and brain. For this and the next two pairs I’m using the following YouTube
The yarn and needles for this and the next pair are thin and a little more wearing on my hand but their getting done!
I just started this pair (again) today so the toe is only a few rows done. I’m loving the color and feel of the yarn, it’s just a bit thin so it’ll take a bit to get done.

We just finished Star Trek Discovery. You know you loved it when you’re crying and laughing at the end!

Four seasons. My son says 5 is coming, but I think it ended well on 4.

What doesn’t seem to have a finish is what I’m calling Sprinter.

Our only other season is trying to start: Summer, Fire season.

Thus Thursday

My friend suggested Tirade Thursday, but it isn’t as alliterate as I would choose. And we didn’t spend the day complaining, just a bit of it! Her with too much snow, me with not enough. Both with too much wind to enjoy being outside on walks. For some reason, it is always too cold and windy here. The snow clouds surround our area but just spit in passing. We are still fighting the drought conditions. And complaining takes a lot of energy!

Oh, I still don’t have a working treadmill. The company has been notified. I miss it. I never got the runner/walker high, but I had developed a bit of a habit, and now I find that half hour a waste.

At least today, I got something done. My husband sat in his recliner writing. Okay, okay! So I pulled out my memoir and started the editing process. So, my cousins who have been waiting for this for over a year, there is a bit of a promise here. And as I edit, more story comes to mind that I forgot in the first writing. I added 123 words. That brings the total to 65,870. I’m so happy to be married to a writer!

I have finally caught up on The Walking Dead franchise: TWD, Fear of the Walking Dead, and TWD Beyond. Finished. Now I’m ready for the next shows to drop. I loved seeing how they intertwined in the end.

Does anyone else take the list of recorded shows as seriously as any other task list? I do. What I watch are stories written by others, with music I want to hear, with actors and directors doing their best to portray what the writer tried to convey. I like all those aspects. I actively watch or listen while knitting, drawing, writing, or reading. But because of the way I watch, I must often watch something many times to catch all the nuances. Yes, actively means I’m active doing stuff while watching.

We finished watching Eureka on Freevee.

It was as fun as the first time we watched it. FreeVee, I think, is where we watched it.

We also watched Warehouse 13

Another we loved revisiting on FreeVee

And we just finished Scorpion

All three above were for my husband and me to binge on date weekends. ❤

What have you been watching?

Theatrics Thursday

I’m really enjoying this.

What are you watching?

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “a word that contains a silent letter.” Choose a word that contains a silent letter and use it in your post, or write about words with silent letters in general. Enjoy!

Though I wanted to actually write something creative today, I found it rather tough after working on my other projects. Oh, and we are busy watching Moonfall and now Night Sky ( both quite interesting) I’m too tired and distracted.

Here are the experiment hats.

side view of the needle-knitted hat
another side needle-knitted
top view needle-knitted
top view of the Flexee Fine-gauge knitted hat
Side view of Flexee fine-gauge knitted hat
other side views of Flexee fine-gauge knitted hat

The needle-knitted hat turned out a little too big and the Flexee a little too small. The Flexee colors made it easy to do a two-by-two ribbing. In the needle-knitted hat, I found it easy to find where the purls were and where the knits were, so I did a one-by-one ribbing.

I loved Moonfall. (HBOMAX) My favorite kind of movie!

And I am quite into Night Sky on Amazon Prime.

This day has pretended to be anything but Thursday. Thank goodness my brother knew it was the trash is ready for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I’ve been in password hell. My laptop went belly up. A new cell and Fire should help until we can get a new laptop. But every little thing needs a sign-in and new passwords. Maybe others do okay with all of that, but ADD/dyslexia of 2022 with all the two-step verification makes me wish for the simplicity of 1998.

I haven’t talked about the binges lately.

My friend and I between her two visits here and mine to her home, have enjoyed a couple shows. We really got sucked into The Umbrella Academy. I kind of hope there will be more, yet it doesn’t leave you on a cliff.

Stranger Things is on the edge of your seat exciting.

To calm down I’ve resorted to Bridgerton.

It’s kind of a nice change and you can’t take it seriously.

Ah, but as I’m busy with password hell or writing (I have gotten a little done but have no idea how much. I’m not working in yWriter so accurate word count, etc. can’t happen.) It’s back to old trusted noise of Outlander, Jurassic Park, The Walking Dead, etc. I figure I’ve shared them often enough. I can’t wait to get back to the history of  Doctor Who on Amazon. By the way, the others are on Netflix.

I think I’ll get back to my writing and TWD. I’m two weeks behind! Yikes! I’m filling in with trip memories. I’ll put them in the right journal later. I just need to write.

I brought my little kit with me. My friend and I sat and DPed while watching The Umbrella Academy.

It’s been in the 100s so sitting around in the cool house made for quieter fun.

Here’s what I got done so far.

Bits of the kit. How the moon looked before the diamonds.
First side finished yesterday.

Back side finished today. I still have a couple more forms to work on. This kit is portable and easy to do in small bits.

I’ve got a pair of socks going, too.

Just a couple of rows and it’ll be time for the heels. This yarn is soft. It’s charity yarn so these will go to the giveaway bag. I need to take the bag to the charity. It’s getting full!

We took a little trip to see our friend. It was good to see her healthy. We laughed and enjoyed each other’s company at a park. Starting the visit with a COVID test to make sure the exposure she had from a previous meeting was negative is a weird way to start a visit. But we are rather in that vulnerable population so we have to be careful. She was negative. So we celebrated life.

I’m having a blast this week. Friends and my adult children on long visits are building my memory banks with love.

This was my last plarn project on the loom. But I had forgotten how to work this pattern. So I frogged it.
My husband mentioned he needed a water bottle carrier for our walks so here’s the progress.
Finished a pair of socks. Shh! I think these are my daughter’s size.😉
Time to move on on these charity socks.

Something else I’m working on. And it really is work! I’m going through all the Doctor Whos. I’ve managed to get to season three. Good thing I’m not watching. It’s mostly background while I write.

I am both impressed with how much of the traditions they managed to maintain so many years later And watching my high school fashions scroll before my eyes. And I’m grateful for the progress in acting and technology making good shows nowadays.

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