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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “yes.” Find a word that starts with “yes” or use the word “yes” as is. Bonus points if you start your post with the word you choose. Enjoy!

Yes, I already did Y. I even ended with a Yes, I can. Hey, does anyone remember that book? I read it a LONG time ago. Sammy Davis Jr. wrote it. How’s that for streaming.

Yes, Y is a great letter. Including how many yesterdays it’s been since the 60s and 70s Paul McCartney song that I got to lip synch to in highschool drama class.

By the way, I am still far behind on the word count on CampNaNo, yet doing quite well on YWriter. So I think my math was yucky. Either way, the book is nowhere near finished so I’ll just be glad with whatever progress I get. It’s all a win. Yay!

And my stream is yelling that I need to go to yWriter and tell my yarn.

You all take care of yourselves. Wish I had a way to use the word yellow. Well, guess we wouldn’t want that in the stream. 🤣


My favorite Y-word!

I think this is my favorite yarn that isn’t wool. But I am almost out of it. I think I will get to the heel before running out. Luckily I have two more skeins of it lined up. By the way, the needles are not my favorite. These are the Knitter’s Pride Royale 47″ US size 8. Though I like the feeling of the wooden needle, the medal tips and bottoms snag on the yarn. The worst part is the company thinks it had solved with the rotary ends that are supposed to make the cord unkink. But whatever the cord is made of makes them permanently curl and get in the way.
This is enough to make at least four pairs of slipper socks.
The heel is coming along nicely on these bamboo yarn socks. By the way, that’s the Fleegle heel. I shared the YouTube tutorial earlier. The yard is thin but strong. The needles are ChiaogooRed Lace Circulars, 40″ US size 2. The tiny yarn and needles hurt my hands after a while.
Of the cotton yarns I have worked with, this is the easiest. It feels almost like wool. It is fuzzy. But it is also the kind that easily separates into threads and can be hard to work. The Chiaogoo Red Lace Circulars make it quite simple. See how the red cable just lays there out of the way? 40″ of useful cable holding the work. US 8
This soft Merino superwash wool is fingering weight. It feels nice. It is just thin. The Chiaogoo Red Lace Circulars 40″ US 2 are perfect for the job, but working the thinner yarns with thinner needles is harder on the hands, so I don’t spend as much time on these. A few rows at a time and I got back to the thicker yarns and needles.
These are the hardest pair I’ve worked on. The needles are not only thin but short. I have to have four either HiyaHiya Sharp Fliers 8″ US 1 or short Chiaogoo Red Lace 9″ US 1. Both are sharp, and I’ve needed to get leather thimbles to save my fingers the holes and calluses. I’m nearing the toes. I think I won’t work with these again. These socks don’t fit anyone I know. I more or less planned these as an experiment. So they will probably end up in the charity bag. They’ll fit a child.
I saw this pattern advertised on Facebook. I loved the concept so much that I ordered it and pulled out my crochet hooks. As long as I keep my sessions short, I don’t find it too painful. This is a great way to use up all the little leftover yarns. I’ll feature this more as I have only finished about four baby turtle bellies. They are smaller than the palm of my hand. I can’t wait to finish this project. I think it will be so much fun!

I haven’t used a lot of Ys. I love that letter because I can think of YOU and YOURS. I can be positive with Yes, I can! There are so many more, but I still have to work with my other yarning: CampNaNo. I lowered my goal to 12,500 words on Reflexions. I need to write 400-500 words a day to reach that on the 30th. On to Yarning on YWriter7.

A to Z Challenge, T

This letter is probably my favorite letter. One of the first is called on Wheel of Fortune, or those kinds of games. It is the first letter of my favorite beverage, Tea! Then there are all the words that don’t start with the ta sound but rather the th sound.

Try to write anything without T. It’s impossible. You notice I haven’t even tried! So I give up. From here on, if you want to count the words starting with T, you may. You have my permission. But hey, if you’re going to try that, count the words with Ts in them. Mind-boggling.

Instead, let me brag. I finally got some wordage in my CampNaNo project, Reflexions. I’m spelling out the number to enhance the T-count. Two-thousand-five words, and I think when I am done with the blog and Duolingo, I will try to add to that story. It is bouncing around in my head, so I need to get it onto the blank screen. By the way, my mermaids are punk-rock! And they are now on the spaceship. As happy as I am with the count of the day, I need a lot more than that to catch up and hit my goal of fifty-thousand by March thirtieth. My crew in the spaceship are trying to help rescue the merpeople’s baby, and cousin left on a planet covered with ultra-black. It is not going to be easy for the team or the writer! I have to figure out how they will win in this impossible situation. My job is to make it harder for them. I should rub my hands together and let out an evil laugh.

After a winter that seemed not to quit, I actually wore shorts and needed the fan today. But as I saw the sunset from inside, I knew I needed to take the picture outside. OMG! It was SO windy and cold I nearly didn’t get the shot. And as cell phone pics, sometimes they didn’t look like what my eyes were seeing. But after a bit of fiddling around, I think I got it close.

It looks to me like half of us are holding up the sky! Go, girls! Oh, it isn’t G-day. There were a couple times today that I thought we might get some thunderstorms, but it only was weird clouds and lots of COLD wind!

Time to go to the rest of my schedule. Hope you all had a great weekend!

Per Linda:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “scene.” Use it any way you like. Have fun!

Saturday? Wasn’t yesterday Monday?

The prompt is full of guilt for me. You see in yWriter you can write scene by scene. Though NaNoWriMo is meant to make you write without caution or order, yWriter can keep all the blather organized by scenes. I need to write!!

Shoot. I barely got into this stream when suddenly I caught a stomach bug. So, this will have to do. This is not a good scene.😥

A To Z Challenge, N

Nowadays, my NaNo is slowing down. Creating beings and planets, including new languages, is so hard for me. It is hard enough to describe things I can see and touch. Creating beyond those languages I am playing with seems impossible. So writing fast and a lot is not working for the moment. I have to think through everything. And all this using other beings’ viewpoints. This book has mermaids that can travel in space in a cloud of their own environment. But they can’t look like OUR mermaids, can they? Would we like them and want to help them if they are ugly? That’s not nice, but it is a fact of our nature we need to overcome. Not easy. So over the next few days, I will try to acquaint myself with creatures of undetermined qualities from places never known. They’ll need names, beings, and planets. Welcome to my world: NaNotopia!

By the way, I don’t think I’ve shared the current cover art.

Per Linda: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “starts with gen.” Find a word that starts with “gen” and use it in your post. Have fun!

This is to combine the SoCS with the AtoZ Challenge that I seem ahead of? I thought yesterday was G, but oh, well, I’ll go with it and stream as it will.

While everyone is concentrating on Easter and streaming and the challenges, I am still editing my CampNaNo novel, Reflexion. The ‘G’ word is Generate, something I need to do. I can’t wait to finish the edits to part one and actually start writing part two. I may actually get finished by tomorrow. I’m hoping that I won’t get garbage, but when letting the consciousness play and put the editor away, you gather the flowers with the thorns, if you get my drift. Generally, I know where the story is going, but now is not the time to worry about grace. Writing is fairly graceless. Editing is when you can make good, or almost good, to great. I hope.

The story I’m writing is sci-fi with ghosts. That is who is doing the reflections of the crew. Grand and Greatgrandparents who didn’t want to travel were left behind on Earth, but they chose to go with the space team in the end. And their ability to be there and unseen by many helps solve a lot of problems but gives grounds for a lot more growth.

Ah, well, back to editing. GROAN!

Ah, well, I’m still:

A-to-Z Challenge, F

A-to-Z Challenge

First time ever! Okay, so it wasn’t reaching a writing goal of 50k (should I say fifty K?). But I did complete my goal within the first few days of the month. I wanted to go through 15k (of fifteen K?) words. Wahoo! I did it! And I only have one chapter left to editing then I need to write part two of the book. I need to think about how much I think I can do realistically.

Turn in tomorrow to find out what I’ve finished. I feel like I have been flying. And I love Friday because of the Zoom with Friends. But then tomorrow won’t be the F day. It will be G. Yikes! What will that stand for?

Since I blogged about the beautiful snow. I’m not so excited anymore. That snow is still here. It hasn’t gotten warm enough to melt. And we’ve had a couple snows since. And another storm coming on the weekend. Had anyone told the weather that it’s not winter yet?

Poor Kali hasn’t wanted to go outside for a month. It’s too deep and icy for her aged body.

Ah so let’s see. I’ve shared my finished socks. My other socks aren’t progressing as fast.

Oh! I know! I haven’t shown sunflower progress.

Maybe I’ll be finished tomorrow.

And I guess I should give the final word count for Reflexions.

That’s where I was a couple nights ago. On the 30th I hit 33,003 and called it good. Teddy’s character is fun. I hope I can get all the bits to fit together like a real story. I reset a goal of 17,000 for December. I’m starting this first part reviewing all I’ve written so I can figure out where and when it is happening.

Hope you all are staying warm. Thank goodness we are!

One-Liner Wednesday

Why is there a book review and last day of NaNoWriMo on One-Liner Wednesday?

Words, Words, Words!

Suddenly My Fair Lady is playing in my head!

Anyway, here’s the word count.

No, I’m not finished. The screen shot didn’t quite work right. 931 words needed to achieve my lesser goal. Certainly not 50k. But I still like the story so I need to keep working it. 17k till the 50k. I guess that will be the goal for December.

I have to say that what happened, besides crazy life of leaks, old dog, dying kitty, electrical issues (the guys replaced two breakers today-finally the house is getting warm) is starting the new crew mid-flight makes a new book mid-writing. I think there’s a way to do it. But like I said with all that was going on my muses couldn’t find me.

Time for bed!


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