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Another Achievement YaY!


Another ear warmer scarf. I followed the LoomAHat YouTube Tutorial. Just in case you wondered, here is what the back looks like when perched on an oatmeal box (I use themt o hold skeins of yarn so that they don’t get full of cat or dog hair. (I make a hole in the top with a slit from the edge to guide the working yarn into the center.)


Happy Thursday, everyone. How many of you are Gray’s Anatomy and the rest of the Shonda line up? ME!!!!! So back to my program.

20140625 Domiciles

20140625 Blog?
Well, it has been a rough day and so I am getting here as most people are going to sleep in our area. Oh well, such is my life. At least I’m writing, hey?

I am watching Treehouse Masters right now. Do any of you watch it? My hubby and I  dream of treehouse living. I know, old folks like us. We, who chose to live downstairs in this apartment because we didn’t want to climb the stairs with our disabilities. But how about a treehouse with some sort of elevator? I used to live in the upstairs apartment and loved how I felt up there. The only thing I didn’t like was that my cat of the time decided she could fly. She lived through that and many more years, nearly 18 years.

Another program I like, is Tiny House. Wait. That isn’t a program it is a documentary on Netflix. I think I could live like that. DH would probably not like it.

On the same thread, have you watched, You Live in What? I love that people are getting creative in their choices of domiciles. Of course, with this last show, I find most of these places take a small fortune to pull off. Still, the creativity these shows contain is contagious.

What I learn from the treehouses, Tiny House, and mobile homes are the multipurpose surfaces, and how to install the best storage for things. Tiny House encourages me to purge the many things collected over the years. That is a hard one for me as I haven’t the energy most of the time to gather up and remove all those extras that gather in a person’s home on a regular basis. Having a Kindle or two has made the book collecting less dust attracting, yet I still find I need more treebooks.–Hey, there’s an idea! A treehouse for treebooks! I wonder if that has ever been done? Now I just need a plot of land, with healthy trees and a windfall enough to pay the master to build it! With lots of storage and WiFi!

This is not what I wanted to write today. I wanted to continue my story with the character escaping the earthquake, bareback, on a friendly wild horse. Maybe tomorrow. Any suggestions for the story? Any constructive critiques?

Well, 390 words is not enough. If I were writing this on my desk, you could picture me banging my head on the desk. Luckily writing from a bed is much safer. Similar to writing in a padded room. ;-D

Oh, shoot! I just remembered! I forgot to write my review for Zen and the Art of Writing. I finished it two days ago. Guess that will add some words for me. So goes the mind of ADD. Catch me in the next post. <>

Dar49 Daily. Is out!! Please check out the video section cute and amazing stuff!!!

Review: Under the Dome

Under the Dome
Under the Dome by Stephen King
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Being an Under the Dome TV series addict, I knew I had to read the book.



I have only read one other Stephen King book and that was On Writing, which I loved.

Cover of "On Writing:  A Memoir of the Cr...

Cover of On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft




I have avoided SK because I don’t do horror. I get nightmares. But since I loved this so much I may have to read his other, less scary books. I already have The Stand in my personal library, but I would rather have Large Print or Kindle version and the Audible version to help me along.

Cover of "The Stand"

Cover of The Stand











The narrator, Raul Esparza, was amazing! He is the first male narrator that did believable women and children voices without sounding fake in my experience. He had many accents to throw in for good measure. What I felt the most unreal was there were few Maine accents and many southern types. But it didn’t make the story less interesting, it did help keep the population of Chester’s Mill individualized.

A warning, outside of the same main characters and a couple incidences, this book is not like the television series. Still, I can’t wait to see what gets thrown into the mix.

It is nice to know that the man who wrote a book on writing writes a heck of a book!

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CWin Post

CWin Post. Is out! There is an article in this one about pulling the plug on cable. Do you watch TV? What do you use, cable, satellite??

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English: George R.R. Martin signing books in a...

English: George R.R. Martin signing books in a bookstore in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Slovenščina: George R.R. Martin med podpisovanjem knjig v ljubljanski knjigarni. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Saturday: 3.8.2008

Saturday: 3.8.2008 (Photo credit: Jesse757)

To those that would leave HBO because of the Red Wedding:

Have you watched HBO?

Have you read A Song of Fire and Ice?

What did you expect?

I have been waiting to see how the Red Wedding would play out. I was shocked at quite a few of the things that happened during that scene and I have read A Storm of Swords twice. Except for Robb’s wife being at the wedding, the new wife of Edmund not crying as she should have, and the lack of an old fool (that is the second fool that is left out of the show), everything played out exactly as it had in the book. As with other choices to pull away from George R. R. Martin’s books to translate on screen, choices are often for brevity and focus.

Let me take a moment to prove my understanding at the violence and misogynistic themes throughout the books, take a look at my GoodReads reviews of the books. But don’t take it out on HBO or the directors/producers of the series. They are staying close to the books as possible, giving great homage to GRRM’s genius.

Another point I want to make: Even as I had just finished reading my second go round of A Storm of Swords, I was shocked at the playing of The Rains of Castamere. How had I missed that the Lannisters, primarily Tywin Lannister, was a part of this massacre. In my reading, even the second time, I had thought it was just a local song that everyone played. Seeing it on the show last night made me read that chapter once again. Sure enough, it was there.

Violence and machismo are a part of Westeros. But Mr. Martin gave life to the women who either by choice or destiny, grow beyond the male roles and into leading roles. Other kingdoms accept women in roles of power. The show draws that out even more plainly than the books, especially for those of us who need that visual aid. Looking back at the books it is there.

So those who would threaten to leave HBO because of portraying the truth in the books are pansies that should go back to the Disney channel. How have you survived in our world without knowing that violence exists and is awful to watch? Those of us who were teens during the Vietnam War saw far worse daily.  I am a pacifist but I realize that ugly happens daily. Maybe drones leave out the personal touch of killing that our fore-parents had to deal with before guns. Even guns remove hand to hand combat. The blood spilled was dirty and icky. To leave these scenes out of the show would certainly dull the story-line. Read the books!

Even if you don’t like the world portrayed, the writing is immaculate. George R. R. Martin is the type of author I would like to be. No, my books aren’t nearly as violent. But to keep track of so many characters and plot-lines and to hold true to a story are what I want to make sure are there.


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