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So the laptop is still getting scans. So I’ll have to blog a quickie.

Trash, check.

Knitting charity socks. Check

Finished watching Another Life. Check. I can’t wait for season two. Here is a link to the trailer (I hope)

Spent most of the day listening to the library audio of The Stand. It is due back in eight days.

Everyone here is fine. We’re trying to find the bright side of life.

How are you all doing?

Hopefully, I will have my computer back tomorrow.

So the trash is out for tomorrow. The weather is finally warming up. Laptop is going through utilities, etc. So a quick check in to let you know we’re okay. Hugs to all of you. Blogging from cell is not easy on my eyes. Know that I care. Back to knitting and other crafty fun.

As a creator of the Havenverse (about 16 books now–none published), I needed this and will refer back often as I write and edit. Take the time to read the continuation on Super helpful!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

One of my personal writing issues is I tend to pack my books and stories with way too many characters. If a fascinating person walks into one of my stories, I feel it would be rude not to let them join the party. I suppose my inner Manners Doctor takes over. 🙂

This drives my editors batty. They think confusing the reader is worse than being rude to fictional people. And of course they’re right. They usually tell me I need to consolidate minor characters or eliminate them altogether. Someone even told me there’s a “rule” that a novel should have seven characters or less.

I’ve always been annoyed by all this. But this week I saw a thread in a readers’ Facebook group that helped me see the reader’s point of view.

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Friday, fun day! I played with the new toys/ I now have two socks going on the X-loom. And I got to Zoom with friends! At last, Christmas happened again. UPS pulled up. Like everyone else, I just let them put it on the porch. The rooster called out over and over that there was something new on the porch. Roosters are the new watch-dog. Yeah, Kali just laid on the couch and sighed, eh, no need to get crazy.

New calligraphy pens, Tombow. Now more toys to play with! Remember Christmas as a kid? It was so hard to decide what to play with first. Yeah. Today’s theme. Knitting wins now. In fact, I think my hands are itching to knit. Happy Friday, everyone!


I don’t know if the croakers around here look like this guy. But as I take Kali out for the last couple times of the night I hear a chorus. It is so peaceful. I wish I could see them but they are in the neighbor’s yard this year so …

All-day bingeing Grey.  And playing games on my phone. Didn’t knit or draw or coloring. And Yipes it’s nearly the end of the month! There is a dragon with my name on it–or will be when I get it done.

Starting the morning I was able to Zoom a service. I nice way to start the day with a lot of positive goodness during a negative time.

And after that, we all watched Sunday Morning on CBS. I love that show. My favorite part is the moment of zen. Today no egrets, I mean, there were egrets.

So that’s #What Day It Is Anyway.


Okay. Mini-blog day. Internet is out. Don’t want to use up all data. No pics or links. I’ll edit later. Great writer’s meet tonight so it must be Monday. Okay, I quit. Hope you are all staying healthy. Find you fun.

A to Z Challenge


Let’s see, what day is it, anyway? Last night we had coyotes in our yard. Scary, yes. scared them so Kali could do her thing. But that doesn’t help know the day. Before that, I laughed with, I think, nine lovely lady writers. From my home, I went to a writers group. Oh, how I miss meeting with other writers. Especially in real life. But this will do. So Easy Writers meet on Monday. That makes today, Tuesday.

Listening to other writers meet the prompt of the day. Same prompt everyone got but a different take with each personality. I think that is so cool! As I sat trying to meet the challenge, I think, oh, my stuff will be boring, or I bet I say the same thing as everyone else. Yet, when I read my bit to them, I felt it okay. Maybe it was even funny as they laughed. I don’t think they were laughing at me.

Another way I can tell the day is math. I do the math every day to see how many words I need in my CampNaNo.  The equation works like this: date times 1,667 equals how many words I should have by the end of that day. Guess what was the answer for today. 23,338. I got 23,454. I am finally ahead by a tiny little bit! That means I’m

I watched a bunch of Prompt NaNo YouTubers and it got me the storyline that helped me get caught up. The story has been kind of boring, I had even spent a day talking about my grandparents. But that didn’t help my characters or the story. Suddenly my character becomes a panda and sits and talks with the pandas. Remember the title of the book is Pandamapocalypes. Okay, so I changed it once again. But it is about the sentient virus, in a world directed by a sentient planet. So Pandas from China are important to the story. Here is my character sitting with her new friend. I’ll probably use this picture in a couple days when P is the letter of the day.

Did you know that pandas know how to change faces? When they get emotional they frown and they call that changing face. And when they laugh it sounds like an earthquake growl. April loved laughing like a panda. They are my favorite beings in the Havenverse. And they know things about the virus. The story moves forward.

I just wanted to share Linda’s blog.

My day today so far–10:49pm: 

Indeed, I probably use the word “indeed” far too much.

I am, indeed very late posting my #AtoZ/#WDIIA post. For that, I apologize to anyone who’s been waiting for it all day.

But I did get a lot of work done on my book today, so that’s a plus. It was too cold to go out in the car, so Alex decided to cooperate and let me work in my room. We were both proud of him for being mature. 🙂

Winston helped matters greatly by keeping him company.


It seems I’ll have to write down what I did after my daily posts … I can’t remember again what I did yesterday.

Par for the course. Indeed.

(Note to self: you didn’t do anything but go to sleep after today’s post, so don’t worry about it tomorrow.)

(There. Fixed.)

Why I’m writing this post:

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