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List of 10 most impressive California poppy meadows where almost every spring can be seen some of the most gorgeous sights in world.

Source: Top 10 locations of California poppy meadows | Wondermondo


Author Beverly Cleary, who just turned 102, has delighted generations with her stories about Ramona Quimby, Henry Huggins and more.

Source: Beverly Cleary, beloved children’s author, turns 102

Happy Pi Day

My friends and I were finishing our Face timing when the screen froze and I got this:20190308_193945 1


So from my tablet this is all I have in me to do.  😢

We’ll see what we can do about it tomorrow. Hope you’re having a better Friday!


Finally Finished!

via Finally Finished!

This is a masterpiece!

I’m gearing up. Are you? I think I will try to combine this with CampNaNo. At least we all have a bit of time to think about it.


4bb4f-atoz2019tenthannvia Reblog: MASTER LIST #AtoZChallenge 2019

ER 20190228

Well, I planned a different post. But C’s shoulder popped out. So we’re in Bend ER. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow. Snowmageddon continues.

Sideways Snow

20190214_220151Just how strange is it that the snow piles on the side of the rail instead of the top?


Catching Up Pre-NaNo

Just a peek into my last few months,

In the next few posts, I will try to share all the books I’ve read and the things I’ve made over the summer until the current  WIP. Since my son moved in and we now have a truck we go shopping a lot which takes days if not weeks to recover from. The ride over the hills is rough no matter what vehicle you use, it seems.

Most recently we took a trip to Reno to visit friends and family. It was due to a family member who was to go into surgery. But that didn’t happen. Instead, it became more visit for fun than support. The truck is supposed to be a club cab but only if you are very miniature people–or luggage. So only two of us get to ride at a time. Good thing there is a good CD player.  But the trip wore us out anyways.

I have been adding to my collection by more oldies and goodies. First of all, they are cheaper by far, but also because I want these just in case my memory goes away. Music will bring me back. At least that’s my theory. New ones include John Denver, The Supremes, Michael Jackson (Thriller, the main call to my soul, still gives me chills and creeps me out!) I know there are others but I am too tired to get up and find my CD carrier and confirm. And, I have a million reviews to write and knitting to share so… That’s all you get for now.

Oh, I’ve been binging the usuals as the living room TV doesn’t get real TV and I try to be in the LR to knit. This moment nearing the end of season six of Game of Thrones (Battle of the Bastards.) I watch everything, the commentary is after the actual and then deleteds and other features. I’m thorough. Walking Dead is next and I’m on the next to last season. I do watch the current seasons, so I do know that this is Rick’s last show this next Sunday. I’m curious to see what happens next. I love long series shows. My son is making me watch Breaking Bad soon. Not sure how I will feel as I don’t see a reason to glorify drug dealers no matter what their circumstances–others have had similar and worse situations and didn’t go there.

Okay, so this is all the set up I would normally put in my book reviews but Amazon wants purer reviews than I like to write to keep myself informed when I read them in the future. I think what is going on in my life bleeds into my reading experience. If life is uncomfortable I get bored or angry with certain kinds of books. If it is exciting I get bored with books easily, too. So … Get ready!

I keep telling people about Cee’s blog. Here’s a WordPress special feature blog about her. I hope you enjoy as much as I do.


By nature, blogging is communal — we write publicly and interact with readers. Some people, like Cee Neuner at Cee’s Photography, have built communities around their sites. Cee hosts weekly photo challenges that not only encourage people to practice their shooting skills — they provide a welcoming space for bloggers around the world to connect. Here, Cee talks about her love for photography and what motivated her to launch challenges on her site.

What is your philosophy around photography?

Cee with her camera

I am a visual person, so being behind a camera and looking for beauty and color is in my DNA. I take photos because I enjoy it. The world comes alive. I love looking through my viewfinder: I see life so much clearer than I do without the lens. I am fortunate as I have a natural ability for composition, and that makes taking photos so…

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