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So cool!

You know how they say dogs look like their owners? Well, I am freckled. And so is Kali.

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 14th, 2022, is “freckled.” Use the word “freckled” any way you’d like. Have fun!

It seems if you look at the protocol to participate in JusJoJan are endless. But really, it is just an encouragement to write, even a little. And these days a little seems huge at times.

Still it is fun, and if you’ve the eyes for it, reading all the connected blogs is fun and you make new friends.

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 13th, 2022, is “protocol.” Use the word “protocol” any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Along with plenty of water, salad and salmon, another important part of my daily diet is a small bit of dark chocolate. A diet should have some yum, don’t you think?

I choose that square nearest my left side of my hair. Just above the double heart.

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 10th, 2022, is “chocolate.” Use the word “chocolate” any way you’d like. Have fun!

Words On A Page

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Meet Mr. Brooks

Since I know you all have been waiting with anticipation for my next post, (JK!) I want to tell you a short, but true story I read today in the AP News.

The oldest WWII veteran in the U.S. has passed away at the unbelievable age of 112! Mr. Lawrence N. Brooks was also possibly the oldest man in the country. His daughter confirmed his passing yesterday through the National WWII Museum.

Although most African Americans serving in the U.S. armed forces at the start of WWII were relegated to service duties and assigned to noncombat units, Mr. Brooks held no disdain at the outright racism and was actually known for his sense of humor, positivity, and kindness. His secret to such a long life?? “Serving God and being nice to people.” You can’t get more positive than that!!

One of 15 children, Mr…

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Ta-Da Tuesday

For some reason I couldn’t upload the one with my name and Crystal as the title and the date of 20211129 But here is proof anyway.

When I wake tomorrow the real work begins!

NaNoWriMo Quick Word Count

I’m nearly finished! This means I have tons of work to do as I have 47,193 words toward the 50K. Somehow the book had a population growth that leaves me with many brackets and names that are just quick descriptions that I will have to give real names and characteristics. As soon as I get finished with the 50K I will be able to flesh out the story and start the editing. It has been fun, but so different than other years. I’ll tell you more later. I do plan on a post- NaNo podcast on either the 30th or the 1st.

I hope you all had a productive November.

One-liner Wednesday

Fear is a superpower, fear makes us companions with all. (Doctor Who, Clara–Listen)

This is Linda’s One-liner Wednesday prompt.

Anyone else still wading through Wholloween? Sh! I’m still in the Peter Capaldi ones haven’t seen the new one.

My NaNo Prep YouTube

Because NaNo starts tomorrow night at midnight I thought I better get this out right away.

Two writing friends discuss how they prepare for a month of writing. In this video, we mentioned several resources. The first is NaNoWriMo which stands for National Novel Writing Month. It is now international but still goes by that name. It was started by Chris Baty who wrote the book, No Plot No Problem. It’s a quick read and helps us all learn to write more freely. The website is
Another book that Yve and I have found quite helpful at the beginning of NaNo is Building Better Characters by Marc McCutcheon
To find Writer here is that website: Simon Hayes keeps this program free but accepts donations. It is my favorite place to write.
Michele uses WriteItNow4. That is an exceptional program too, and for me, it is where I find character names that work for me. that website is I just noticed there is a new version, 6. I may have to update my version.
Yve uses OpenOffice a free office package that is almost as good as Microsoft’s version. You can find that here:
The writing timer I was thinking of that helps you concentrate on writing is here:
When using the character-building book above Yve uses a Randon dice throw app, and I use a Random Number Generator. Just type those in your Google and you’ll find a number of random generating apps.
I do hope all of this helps those who would love to see if they have a novel burning to get out.

One-Liner Wednesday

Let sleeping dogs lie.

(Especially when they are related to Jack Russell in spirit.)

And why can’t those busy dogs let sleeping humans lie?

One-liner Wednesday is a Linda G. Hill prompt
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