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What Day Is It Anyway

Today I told my friend that I’d rather Zoom on Thursday. Only several hours later did I realize it was in fact, Thursday. Ah, adventures in #WDIIA

Maybe it’s the crazy weather. A month and a half of snow. A day of mud and weeds. Then today:

57 Days of Snow

Last night the hairdryer of the world blew. It felt like our home was going to fly away. Today there is very little snow. Mostly water or ice. It snowed here November 1st. Snow piled up over the month. Here’s how it looks now:

Yuck. What a mess!

No worries. More snow is expected by this evening and for the rest of the week. But rain will be here when the wind stops.

It’s been over 32 at night so we feel like it’s summer, kicking off blankets and turning on fans.

Snow is pretty and covers all the weeds. Bonus is insects die out. Those last flies hung out until nearly December! But finally gone.

I hope you all are safe and weather your weather, which is far worse than ours.

The Snow Kept on FallingThe Snow Kept on Falling by Kathie McQueary
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thank you, Cheryl. This was fun. I do have the child’s point of view about snow. I get very excited. And yes, I understand why Gramma said what she said. We have had snow around Halloween. But it never stuck. So when it started snowing on All Saints Day, November 1st, I figured it would melt away. Guess what? It still hasn’t melted a bit. It isn’t as deep as the picture book’s snow. But the snow is still here because we haven’t gotten above freezing for this month, often hitting nearly double minus digits. Sadly, it isn’t that fluffy stuff of the first snow. This is the dangerous to walk or drive on snowy ice. The kind my husband broke his shoulder in a few years ago.

This fun book reminded me of the Henry and Ramona stories I read to my children. I felt the cold and smelled the hot chocolate. As a mother, I relived dressing my kids in the snowsuit on the few snow days we had back then. Over and over, strip, dry, redon the suits, rinse and repeat. It’s worth searching out and reading. In fact, my friend led me to read it on Open Library  . I also found it on LibraryThing  . I must admit that I wouldn’t pay $26 for this book, even if the pictures are retro fun.

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One-Liner Wednesday

Bring on warm!

One-Liner Wednesday

Join the fun(?) of One-Liner Wednesday

This is the year of pogonip!

How It Looks Here

Since I blogged about the beautiful snow. I’m not so excited anymore. That snow is still here. It hasn’t gotten warm enough to melt. And we’ve had a couple snows since. And another storm coming on the weekend. Had anyone told the weather that it’s not winter yet?

Poor Kali hasn’t wanted to go outside for a month. It’s too deep and icy for her aged body.

Ah so let’s see. I’ve shared my finished socks. My other socks aren’t progressing as fast.

Oh! I know! I haven’t shown sunflower progress.

Maybe I’ll be finished tomorrow.

And I guess I should give the final word count for Reflexions.

That’s where I was a couple nights ago. On the 30th I hit 33,003 and called it good. Teddy’s character is fun. I hope I can get all the bits to fit together like a real story. I reset a goal of 17,000 for December. I’m starting this first part reviewing all I’ve written so I can figure out where and when it is happening.

Hope you all are staying warm. Thank goodness we are!

Icy snow hasn’t had much chance to melt since it snowed so beautifully a couple weeks ago. Though pretty, still, the cold is getting old. Even blue skies don’t make it better. I’m fact, clear skies almost guarantee colder than norm temps. It is always warmer here if there’s a cloud cover.

So maybe that is why my mood has gotten less than sweet. My creative writing muses walked out on me. So no writing has happen for a couple days. Not sure what to do about that, or if I should keep the 50k goal or make it a little easier to reach.

One thing I have been doing non-stop has been knitting, tinking, and reknitting rows and rows of these socks. I think I finally have it right.

The heel turned on the top. That’s next on the bottom sock.

The NaNoWriMo stopped all interesting TV watching. Suddenly I noticed I missed a couple weeks of The Walking Dead. Yikes! So today I caught up. I don’t think I have any tears left! Two of my favorites didn’t make it. 😭

I’m almost finished with Sunflowers.

I’m getting back to knitting. Now that I get it, the heel turning, again, I need to practice.

How’s your Monday?

Morning keeps breaking.
Clear beautiful. But COLD and the snow hasn’t melted a bit!

Per Linda: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “morning.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

It didn’t snow last year. At least not much. But this year Winter didn’t even allow Fall to happen.

Thank goodness Evening allows Morning.

Pogonip Monday

Ice fog


Image result for pogonip fog
Image result for pogonip fog
Image result for pogonip fog
Image result for pogonip fog
Image result for pogonip fog
Image result for pogonip fog
I typed POGONIP into my browser. The above images and definitions are some of what came up.


Ice fog is a type of fog consisting of fine ice crystals suspended in the air. It occurs only in cold areas of the world, as water droplets suspended in the air can remain liquid down to −40 °C. It should be distinguished from diamond dust, a precipitation of sparse ice crystals falling from a clear sky. Wikipedia

Old Farmer’s Almanac › fact › b…Beware the Pogonip

The word pogonip is a meteorological term used to describe an uncommon occurrence: frozen fog. The word was coined by Native Americans to describe the …

Reno Gazette-Journal › 2019/12/06Native Americans feared pogonip, the ‘white death’

Dec 6, 2019 — The freezing fog so adversely affected the native peoples’ lives that they called it “pogonip,” which translates to “white death.

Web results

Merriam-Webster › …Pogonip Definition & Meaning

The meaning of POGONIP is a dense winter fog containing frozen particles that is formed in deep mountain valleys of the western U.S.. Did you know?

Dec 11, 2018 — The National Weather Service says that pogonip can also present itself as a dense fog that occurs during the winter months, containing suspended …

1968 DARE FW Addit NV, Pogonip . . [ˈpɑgənɪp]—A fog that freezes onto trees and bushes. When you see a fog in the mountains in winter, “there will be pogonip in …

noun A frozen fog, formed in the coldest weather in the mountain valleys of Idaho, Nevada, and Colorado. When inhaled it often produces severe pulmonary trouble …

Jan 2, 2018 — The term — popularized in part by The Old Farmer’s Almanac, which sometimes cautions “Beware the Pogonip” — describes a wintertime cold spell …

Pogonip definition, an ice fog that forms in the mountain valleys of the western U.S.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ see the rabbit hole it can take you down? Anyway fog makes stagnant air so we still can’t burn trash. But here’s the beauty from my living room window:

Pogonip on the icicle.
Early morning pogonip on the mesquite.
Pogonip on the fence.
Pogonip on the rails of the porch.
No new snow but it is so much higher than yesterday. Pogonip.
Pogonip fog so thick you can barely see the driveway. And even the icicles have the pogonip crystals.
Pogonip on the sagebrush. The snow is already too deep for Kali. Oh, and pogonip on the badminton net nextdoor.
POGONIP on the mesquite bushes makes it look like we’ve had more snow . But we haven’t.
عنوان الموقع

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