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I didn’t notice that midnight had come and gone. Here it is 1 AM! Well, I thought something was odd that suddenly I was behind so I typed and typed. I ended with 39,874 words. The number at the bottom of my laptop screen said it is the 24th. The math for that is 40,008. OOOH! That is actually tomorrow’s date! So sometime tomorrow I will write a scene with 124 words and call it good. Or more. It is kind of nice to be ahead.


The sad part is that WP will start the counting on day one tomorrow. I had finally gotten to 39 days blogging in a row. I know I have been blogging over 400 days in a row because I blog after doing my German on Duo and that I’ve managed to keep done before midnight for over a year.


Time for bed.

I know I have reached about 1500 words, but I can’t give you the full word count as I don’t have the time for the math. I will get to 1667 before I go to bed, but I wanted to blog to don’t lose a day and have to start over (daily blogging).

Edit: I did manage to get to 36,844. The goal was to get to 36,674. So once again, I am just a little ahead. Hopefully, I will get more tomorrow.

What does it mean when a certain date happens and nowhere did anyone mention that today was, well, actually yesterday, technically, was November 22? I remember when Jerry Lowenstein walked into government class in eighth grade and said that President Kennedy had just been killed.

Still a sad day and sadder that 2020 had too much going on to acknowledge the beginning of the end of innocence—the first of the crisis levels the government can reach. My parent (protestant) thought that a month of mourning was too much. Good thing they didn’t have to suffer 2020!


2019-2020 SoCS Badge by Shelley!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “the last thing you put in your fridge.” Start your post with the last thing you put in your fridge. Let your mind wander from there. Enjoy!

The last thing I put in my fridge was the ranch dressing that fell out because the last person who put it in didn’t make sure it was in there securely. I wanted to complain, but I am very grateful for a full fridge. We have been blessed this month with a little extra on our cards, and so when we got the boxes, the cabinets and fridge are full. In my life, that has hardly ever been the case. Not that I have ever been hungry. But just enough that I can find what I need in the fridge is the usual scene. I am so glad my husband is starting to like my vegetarian ways. Yes, he eats some meat but very seldom. My son does the same thing buying the occasional tofu meal. He loves Kimchi. I tried to cook it a lot once I learned about it. I make the rice and veggies on the side and make sure to fry the tofu to crispie-ish. The trouble with the lockdown is that we don’t get into town to find the Kimchi. I think I will try to order some on Amazon.

Yay! Got me some Kimchi, noodles, a cooker, and tofu coming. My mouth is drooling!

Okay, now for the NaNo word count: 35,167, still barely above the goal of 35,007 but, I’m happy. I like how the story is going. Not sure I should share until I am more sure where it is going. I’m having fun. That’s all that counts.

I didn’t have a finished product yesterday for Finished Friday. I had one slipper sock done, and while chatting with my friends, I nearly finished the other. Boom! Done today!

And I have the next pair toed and ready to make the next pair.

NaNo Word Count

I had a fun Friday zooming with friends but didn’t get many words before. I did nearly finish a pair of slipper socks. I’ll share those tomorrow when they are definitely finished.

So the goal for today was to be 33,340. Once again I didn’t surpass by much but I managed 33,464 words. At least I left the scene with a lot to write. My imagination was going crazy! So I’m looking forward to writing tomorrow. I do need to get ahead so I can play with Scrivener some more.

Meanwhile, I need to write a book review. See ya in a few minutes!

Thursday NaNo Update

Okay, it is so late. I will make this quick. The Word count is 31,743. Not a lot over the goal of 31,673 but still a little above. Yay, me!

Writing Can Be Hard Work!

There one line! Today was difficult in that I no longer have any main characters to develop. So it was all story. And then the electricity went off. Thank goodness it didn’t stay off. It’s going to cold tonight. 29 degrees Fahrenheit. Not the coldest but without heaters would be uncomfortable. Apparently, there was a blown transformer. I’m grateful the people get on things like that right away. Isn’t it funny how the family gathers and gets a little antsy as we are all out of our element without our electronics to work on?

Okay word count: 30,065 words. Barely made it over the goal for today of 30,006.

I’m still trying to get my Scrivener version up and running so I am not just reliant on yWriter or WriteItNow. My eyes have a harder time with Scrivener. I have had to use a text-to-speech program to read the instructions to me. And it has taken me a couple days to get through the QuickStart. Imagine how long it would have taken to get through the whole thing? But it does have features that look like it would help me be more organized. And I think I can change the backgrounds and fonts to make it easier on my eyes. By the way, there are videos on the Scrivener website that bring it down to what I wanted: How do I get started. Boom! There is was. Tutorials.

One-Liner Wednesday is a fun prompt brought to us by Linda G. Hill.


Quick NaNo Word Count Update

It was a busy day but I did manage to get to 29,043 to date. So far so good. Today’s goal was 28,339 words. Yay! I still want to write a bit more before bedtime.

Happy Tuesday!

Quick Word Count Update

Despite everything, I have managed 27,549. What I had to rewrite I wasn’t nearly as happy with. But today’s writing was fun. So I am happy. And quick math of the goal equals 26,672. So I am still a little ahead.

Meanwhile, I found my Scrivener’s license, so I will copy and paste the whole story to both WriteItNow and Scrivener so that there will be a lot of copies of the story. Tonight was writers group and one of the writers there, who has been published, said that she printed out her work as she went. I don’t know if I can afford to print out the draft. But I don’t want to lose bits as computers haven’t been the most reliable for me of late. How do you all do that?

Frustration is Back

I had typed about two thousand words today. I hit save every fifteen minutes. Then my dog wanted to go outside. I hit save and just as I did the computer popped off. I lost all the words from last night and today’s words. I am trying to catch up now so I’ll not say much here. It is so disappointing when computer crashes lose everything. I went through every file in dropbox and Onedrive to find anything to save me. But now it is a mishmash of things I have touched so I can’t find the right one. I’ll try to rename the one I am working on right now as it is the closest to what I had done.

Sorry for complaining. I’ll get back on track because the story is pushing me to tell it. I just need to get as much done tonight and tomorrow to get back to where I left off.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday

This has been a crazy day. I got so frustrated several times that I shouted. It seemed I was caught in a fighting ring of madness. It was so cold in the living room that I moved some of my stuff to the bedroom. I have downloaded yWriter7 onto my Fire, and so I could continue writing on my project there.

I couldn’t get my Bluetooth keyboard to work. The mouse worked, but I needed to type faster than the Fire’s built-in keyboard, even with all the word suggestions, could let me. I tried to go into Word because I knew that I could use the microphone and dictate my story. That worked for a paragraph or two. It misunderstood half of the words. So I copied and pasted what I did get done into the scene open on yWriter. Then I noticed that there was a mic on that keyboard, too.

The problem was that as I added more to the scene if I needed to edit something, the new edits didn’t show up where they were supposed to. Ring around the frustrated rosy! So I saved and went and got my laptop from the living room to start again.

Dropbox did save it properly. I was pretty happy with that. But then I started writing and had a great five minutes of the story growing. The battery had died and the laptop shut down. Nope, that last part didn’t get saved. And the bits I tried to make up were not at all the same.  URGH!

As I had moved my laptop into the bedroom, I accidentally dropped the mouse. Now when I had a picture I wanted to include for the story, I couldn’t right-click. I yelled, swear words. I’m sorry if you heard them.

I tried to get the Bluetooth mouse to work with the computer, nope. More yelling.

My husband is a saint. I swear! He came in and asked what was wrong. He helped me by getting the mouse fixed and getting the story back where it needed to save parts. By the time he was done, I was back to being the me I know and love. So that ring of patience from him started a new feeling for me.

Here’s the word count: 25,826. How about that more than halfway there! And a day early!

I developed that mother of one of my main characters, Liz’s mom. AZZ is her nickname. She has been told she is a goddess. She looks like this:

Learn more about her here

2019-2020 SoCS Badge by Shelley!

Per Linda G. Hill: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “ring.” Use it as a noun, a verb, an adverb, or an adjective…use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

I hope I got it! Posted this before midnight but had to edit after. SMH Hope you had a better Saturday than I did.


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