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You know the week is crazy when you wake up on Wednesday but KNOW it is Saturday.


My husband got one cataract removed Monday. So yes, a lot of stress for a ten-minute operation that makes a big difference in his life. For me, it is just the stress and not the wonderful visual acuity. And how would I know the difference of days? Retired. Bingeing Netflix. No cartoons on Saturday. I just thought the feeling was a Saturday feeling. Maybe this fits with the What Day Is It Anyway? prompt? By the way, he’s fine and now can’t wait to get the other eye done.

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One-liner Wednesday is one of the best prompts out there. Thank you, Linda!

One-Liner Wednesday


Found this one scrolling on FaceBook:


“Shame say that because I am flawed, I am unworthy and unacceptable Grace says that althoughI am flawed, I am still precious and worthy”


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One-liner Wednesday is an easy fun prompt brought to us by Linda G. Hill. See how it works HERE.

One-Liner Wednesday

Toddler hat finished; rewarded self with Return to Ravenhearst for the rest of the day.

Hat made the same as the adult hat found here.

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One-liner Wednesday is a fun prompt you can find by clicking here.

Oh and feeling proud as I did some editing yesterday and today. Go Me!

One-Liner Wednesday (Or a couple more)

I want to say something inspiring or funny. But one degree of separation of COVID19 sucks. I am finally feeling healthy after my tooth infection and my son shows symptoms and is being tested tomorrow. 2020 sucks


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One-liner Wednesday is usually a fun prompt. In this case, it is was the easiest way to put that out there to asks for prayers or positive thoughts. He’s in his 40s. A hard worker. A talented musician. A person who cares for so many people, nearly to a fault.


You mean it’s Wednesday and not Sunday?

Yeah, my actual words this morning. I was getting ready to find Sunday Morning to watch. I didn’t see it in the line up. This tooth/bladder infection and COVID19 craziness has really messed with my mind!

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Thank you, Linda, for  fun, and easy prompts like One-liner Wednesday and #WDIIA

One-liner Wednesday

This is from the first page of Earthseed: The Complete Series, Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler (from my Kindle Fire–Kindle Unlimited)

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Thank you, Linda G. Hill for One-liner Wednesday!


One-Liner Wednesday


Do you ever wonder if this is one of those movies where we wake up in the end and realize it was all a dream?


Well, that was all I had for One-liner Wednesday. By the way, I’m feeling better in spite of near triple-digit heat. I plan to color tomorrow and when it cools down a bit I plan to play with my Diamond Art that arrived today.

One-liner Wednesday July 22, 2020

Thank you for your thoughts, vibes, and prayers!

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Thank you! My husband just had an appointment on Monday so 4 hours of driving. This morning he’s driving 3 to get my antibiotic and painkiller. What a guy!. The dentist is sure that the pain is due to infection. He can’t even pull the tooth until the infection heals. My temp is usually low. 96-97. But yesterday it was up to 99.1. How much was tooth and how much this bloody heat, I’m not sure. I hope it’s better tomorrow. My friend is coming to visit. She’s bringing a pup tent so she can maintain distance. We’ll all wear masks for a couple of days.

One-liner Wednesday is brought to us by Linda G. Hill. It is an easy fun prompt to get us all writing, even if just a line.

One-Liner Wednesday

Okay, I am embarrassingly going to watch Mandalorian again due to, Gallery, because I am admittedly a Geek.

And that is all I have to say about that. Thank you Linda G. Hill for One-Liner Wednesday.

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Badge by Laura @ riddlefromthemiddle.com

One-Liner Wednesday

‘Thank U Frontline’


I’m finally getting around to reading some blogs. This was on my friend, Willowdot21‘s blog. It brought tears to my eyes. It seems quite appropriate for our times. Click on her blog name above to see the whole blog. She has some amazing tunes breaking up her days in the life.

One-liner Wednesday is the easiest blog prompt. It is brought to us by Linda G. Hill. Go check it out and join us as we play.

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