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I wish good health to all my friends!


Just Jot It January and One-Liner Wednesday are brought to us by Linda G. Hill.


And Done!



This one took a bit of time. It was made on the KB, orange, 80 pegs, small-gauge, round loom. One-by-one ribbing and four knit, four purl, four rows. then the next four rows opposite.  The crown flat-knit stitch. I love this soft yarn. I bought this for a Christmas gift. Red Heart Soft 4oz. Jeweltone. I have enough left over to make another hat, I think. I may just make one for me–or another friend.

Both prompts by Linda G Hill

JuJoJan / 1LinerWed — Happiness

Happiness is January Snow!

This one-liner has changed several times today. Happiness is a warm puppy was taken. Well done, Winston! So Kali wouldn’t stand in his shadow. But it was snowing around noon. Even stayed on the ground. Now it is muddy. The trees are budding out thinking this is Spring. Someone isn’t doing the snow dance. You know who you are! I’m told that after nine tonight we might get that white stuff that hides the ugly weeds that didn’t go away. So I’ll stay with the above bold line and claim it!


One-Liner Wednesday

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

That white outside is snow. We are expecting more tonight and tomorrow.

My brother decided to jump in and do most of it this year. I held Kali while my son held the regular Christmas redecorator, Rosey. The pretties makes it feel slightly warmer in the coldest room in the house. But quickly that is closed down and we all go to our warm bedrooms. Still the heart knows the Holiday is observed.

I know I’ve added extra lines. But the only one that counts is the first one before the pictures. One-liner Wednesdays is a fun prompt by Linda G. Hill. I hope you will all join in by clicking her name and learning how easy and fun this is!


One-Liner Wednesday

The Unlisted has kept me distracted all day.

One-Liner Wednesday is a fun, easy challenge. Thank you Linda G. Hill. 


One-Liner Wednesday


Is it Wednesday already?


I know. That shouldn’t even count but after editing all day I had nothing left. Even so, thank you, Linda, for the somewhat easy blog prompt. LOL!

Third to Last NaNo Update

Aren’t you excited? Maybe soon I will be doing real blogs again. And Knitting. …And editing…

That was my one-liner. The only blogging I’ve done this month. Thank you, Linda, for an easy one!


One-liner Wednesday, NaNo Update

How’s your writing going?

This one-liner is the easiest of prompts. Especially this month! Thanks, Linda G. Hill.




Right On! NaNo Progress

Dig this! 13 X 1667 = 21,671. My exact count to the period! YaHoo!!!

And that was my One-Liner for Wednesday!

One-Liner Wednesday/NaNo Update

Don’t ya just love it when a character from one book meets the new characters in the new book?

Thank you, Linda G. Hill, for One-liner Wednesday. The easiest prompt there is!

This has been the best writing day yet. As you can see I am done with more than the number of words I need for today. 10,145 I may write more words later as I am so excited that Dusty, a flamboyant, gene-popper from, I think, my third novel, Dusty’s Love Lair, just met Walter at Walter Balter’s Dance Studio. Now the story is writing itself! Yay!


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