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One-Liner Wednesday

The right story can change the world.

Taken from the pilot of Strowlers on Amazon Prime



That’s my contribution to One-Liner Wednesday. Thanks Linda!



Another soft hat!


It’s reversible. White KB fine-gauge loom, Bernat Pipsqueak! (Did I mention I love this yarn?) Fold-up brim then flat-stitch knit the rest.

The sad part is it is too small for me. But I can think of a few people that might like it. This was my yarn so I prefer to gift it to a friend or family. I use the donated yarn for donation items.

Since this was the One-Liner Wednesday, does it count that I started with one line? I just felt it needed more explanation.

Thank you, Linda G. Hill for One-Liner Wednesday!


One-Liner Wednesday

Wow! Thank goodness for Wednesday! (That’s all I have!)

One-Liner Wednesday is the challenge I may not have passed. But thanks for the fun, Linda G. Hill.

One-Liner Wednesday

Happy Independence Day to my USA friends! (Midnight is an hour and ten minutes away)

This is a prompt challenge by Linda  G. Hill. Thanks for the fun!


One-Liner Wednesday

The choices: clean, binge, or knit? Going to try all three.


Linda G. Hill created this fun challenge. Glad I had a few minutes before midnight to post!

One-Liner Wednesday

Why is it that new cell phones have instructions for everything but phone or voice mail?

#1LinerWed by Linda G. Hill.

One-Liner Wednesday–At Last!

I put up the monkey picture up yesterday and tried to think of a One-Liner, then realized it was only Tuesday!



One-Liner Wednesday is a Linda G. Hill gem!

One-Liner Wednesday


Yesterday’s sunset was gorgeous all the way around. Today is the same. (Sorry for three sentences–power outages, thunder and lightning distractions!)

Thank you, Linda G. Hill for #1linerWed!


One-Liner Wednesday

I have a yarn or two to tell you, but this is ONE-liner Wednesday.

One-Liner Wednesday challenge courtesy of Linda G. Hill.

I cut my hair today, now I am too tired to come up with one line!


Thank goodness for One-Liner Wednesdays by Linda G. Hill. There are days when that’s all you can come up with!

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