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So I reached my adjusted word count goal of 30,000 plus 132on my CampNaNo project, Pandamapacalypse. I feel good about that. I think I will work on it more in May. I left my characters at the zoo. Well some of them. Because of how crazy this month has been, I feel my writing was all over the place. So I think I will spend the beginning of May reorganizing the scenes and setting a new outline. Then the second part as trying to reach the 50K I was looking for this month. The story is still playing in my head. Can you imagine a virus that could mutate and become a person? What would we learn from this person!

What day is it anyway? When you are watching Grey’s Anatomy every day and it is no longer playing on Thursday as usual, that isn’t a way to know. I’m on the twelfth season out of fifteen. Can you imagine what I will be like when I am caught up? Anyway, the trash it out at the curb, or the place a curb would be if we had actual streets and not dirt roads. So, tomorrow is Friday, May first! Wow! We made it through April! A2Z is done!

I wonder how the world feels in New Zealand. One of the characters on GA is from there. Before pandemic. I don’t know. I think I have zero more words today. Oh, I can look forward to another Zoom meeting of friends tomorrow!

One-Liner Wednesday/A2Z Y

Just a quickie, I need to go over and log a thousand words in yWriter. The Pandas are needing my help in the Pandamapocalypse!

#WDIIA, #A2Z, Y, #One-Liner Wednesday


What Day Is It Anyway? A2Z X

is just an eight without curves! I just realized that today.

I’m not going to pretend to know X words. X-rays are more than just words, they are a main-stay for Grey’s Anatomy series. This is not the place to be X-rated. And I guess I’m done. Sure I could go Google X words, but I’d rather show what I’d like to have:

3/8" 240 peg Extra Large X-loom

I tried so hard to get a photo but the WEBS thing doesn’t like WordPress or the other way around. You can make four socks at a time or really large items.  Here’s a YouTube of Scarlett Royal teaching how to work with what I have been calling the X-wing knitter.

Would that be a good way to use my stim check? Or is that too much and I should save it for house and food? I know it is there to help companies and I think CinDWood could use the money, too. I’m retired so…

Okay,, that is my version of the #A2Z and # WDIIA. Happy, safe, lockdown!

Now on to writing.

What Day Is It Anyway, A2Z-W

What day is it anyway? Yeah, I’ve been starting with ‘W‘ every day this month of alphabetical soup. I wish I could say that I  have been writing furiously daily, too. That didn’t happen. I ran out of juice last week. My characters decided to take off in directions that seemed unconnected to my story. I knew the story still wanted to be told so I took time off to think. Then I decided to take the stress of the word count. I set a new goal to hit 30k by the end of the thirtieth. With nearly 28k I figured it was doable. Next month I will continue as I think the book is only halfway done. I still see a lot of adventures and dangers happening ahead.

Oh, Monday is my local Zoom Writers Meet so today I do know the day it is. It is so wonderful to meet with other writers and hear their take on the prompts. The same prompt can be taken so differently.

Wandering heart is playing in my head that it wants to use tomorrow’s 77 degrees for a walk. It is about time we get good weather. Everyone I know is telling me how hot it is where they are. When I’ve looked outside to decide the wind or the rain were my deciding factor.



Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “val.” Find a word that starts with “val” or if you’re not doing the A to Z Challenge, find a word that just has “val” in it, and use that word any way you’d like. Enjoy!


Though I value your approval of my  Steam of Consciousness I feel like an invalid. My brain is a dormant volcano Ash just lying there not moving. It’s been a couple days of just mindlessness. A stream like that isn’t moving very fast. I have no excuses. I’m well and able. It has been weird, don’t you think? I can’t imagine how all of you with outside lives are getting along. Like I’ve mentioned before, we were already homebodies. Oh, how I feel for you parents of young children. I can’t imagine raising my four during times like this. I bow to you all.

Maybe I had brainless times before C19, but now it seems so overwhelming. It’s like it doesn’t leave when going to sleep. So the dreams continue the stressors, waking one up and resetting calm thoughts. To be replaced again by: Did I wash that bell pepper well enough? Is this cough allergies? I wish I knew a way to turn off the uncontrollable thoughts and turn on the ones that are needed for creativity. I used to think of myself as a bit of a rational person.

I’d rather be knitting. But even that seems to present problems as now my wrist hurts if I work too much. Maybe I should work on the hats and toys for a while as they didn’t take so much concentration as sock cuffs.

Okay, the stream’s gone dry. Please tell me you are all doing well, that your brains are happy and creative in spite of the tiny little virus taking over the whole wide world.

What Day Is It Anyway, A2Z Version



Tuesday, right? No that can’t be true. Trash was taken out last night. Today must be Friday. Nope, not a finished Friday. Still working on the two pairs of socks for daughter and her boyfriend.

Oh and Friday Zoomin’ with friends.

I don’t have much more to say. After talking to friends I am chatted out, I think. I hope you are all finding your way in this weird world. I wish you all health. I’m so feeling healthy, just not so talkie. U?


Shave and a haircut–Eugene!

That’s the One-liner for Wednesday and “S” for A2Z challenge that easily answers ‘What Day Is It Anyway?’. Bam! Take that!

SO, here is what I promised yesterday. This long hair has very few good days as it gets in my eyes and tickles my ears like bugs crawling on me. Here is the fairly good before. See? Combed back with my head tilted back not a problem. But who can run around like this?

Yeah, I don’t know how to do a selfie. I do have eyes that open!

Series of excuses for everything in no particular order:

Over Seventy

Have to wear glasses (not good for self-haircuts)

fibro/arthritis that lowers my energy to do anything

It’s raining

Bad mirror system

Razor in razorcomb dull on the longer side and not quite sharp enough on shorter side

Found out that ambidextrous doesn’t play well with baseball, crochet, or haircutting. Especially with the CombPal Scissor Clipper.

Sorry. I figured folks who don’t care would have quit reading by now. Oh, one final excuse. Flowbee doesn’t work and company following COVID19 suggestions so I can’t get the replacement part I need which I applaud, yet it saddens me.

Since the above didn’t work for me and I tried the method that I used on my babies. Finger-comb cut which makes everything about an inch long (fatter fingers longer skinny fingers shorter)

But lack o’ glasses caused this sore bit that caused me to quit, for now, fingers didn’t need to be cut. Just saying.

The sides and top turned out okay. I can’t see the back and I’m not finished so nicer front view first:

Now the reason for Eugene in the one-liner. It seems I now have the Eugene Top-Hat from The Walking Dead.

But I’m not stuck with it. My wonderful spouse says he will do the back for me, YAY!

So how is your pandemic going?

P.S. Wordage count for CampNaNo is 27,509. But I am still working on it.


What Days Is It Anyway? A2Z-R

So after a day without the internet, and that at the end of being in a funk.

I decided to meander a bit using Bitmojis to help me keep the

I know I am blessed. I have lived a long and fantastic life. But I have to say, I am very ambivalent about everything right now.


Oh, gosh, this is so

But that is the haircut of my dreams right now. My hair has to be held back by barrettes. It tickles my ears and eyes all night. Before COVID19, I cut my own hair. I was a cosmetologist as a young adult. I understand hair. The plus side is I know how to do it. The negative side I can’t take my head off and put it on a wig stand and do the best I know how.  Maybe once it’s done I give ya a before and after.


I’m sitting here in my recliner bingeing Grey’s Anatomy and the episode Song Beneath the Song is on and that gets me every time. Check out the Chasing Cars part:

This is my favorite episode of almost any show ever! If you get the chance to watch all the music and singing, chills!!!!

Believe it or not, I was going a whole other way when I started writing here. I think music has soothed this savage beast!

Now I’m all:


and I know that by tonight I will be

Well, the cat (Rosey) is all black and then there’s Teddy the ginger, and Kali the canine to keep me company and help me sleep. See? That stupid headache last night and the deliveries and family members going to stores. That stuff that makes me not breathe. I’m so scared. Sad for those having problems. I’m doing fine, sinus headache from allergies is not COVID19 and then Callie sings All of these lines across my face and I am cured!

Rock On!

and best



Prompts from #WDIIA and AtoZChallenge.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “practice/practise.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Practice makes perfect. I used to believe that. I practiced my heart out and became a less than mediocre pianist. Not only have I practiced piano until bloody, but I have also written novels until I am crazy. I admit I am not a natural talent in either art. I do have talents, but I can’t do those things anymore for various reasons. The passions are there.

That said, maybe I have been too hard on myself. There is still hope, and I need to lower my expectations for a while. Aiming for perfection during a pandemic seems a lot more stress than I need to put out there. So if I want to hit 50K, I am going to extend my goal through next month. I will write every day as much as I can. But I can’t handle the stress. Writing Pandamapocalyps helps express and explore thoughts on the virus and letting my imagination play with it. But I need to keep it fun as a stress reliever. That way, I can play with the Pandas.

By the way, my word count is at 27,047. I’ve had the laptop in my lap all day. I barely made over a thousand words more. But as I left yWriter, I was having fun in the story, so I can’t quit. I just want a little less stress. I miss knitting! I need more of that in my life.

So that is my #A2Z version of the #SoCS and CampNaNo report.

Wow! How did we get here already! It’s already Friday! It’s been so long since I have been inside a business. Somewhere on this blog, I talked about taking my Kali to the vet for her shots. Somewhere on this blog, I told about going and getting temporary fillings. By the way, they are still there. I hope they will continue to hang on. <–My first “O” word! I think it was the beginning of March. OMG! It seems like forever ago. It seems like yesterday. It reminds me of how we have always remembered common dates. We ask, ‘What were you doing when JFK was shot? Or ‘Where where you when we heard about Bobby? And the not distant past asks, Where were you working on 9/11?

This one is different. Maybe it goes like this: What was the last real day before lockdown?

The thing is, I never went anywhere before. As retired folk, we can’t afford to go anywhere. Often the bones were hurting, and I didn’t feel like going anywhere, Now, I feel like hopping in the car and just driving forever. I’ve always been a bit of a hobo, I like to travel. And fibro put an end to that. Too tired. But now I think I have rebellion working overtime. The body is still complaining. I barely have the energy to walk around the yard. But not being able to, enforced by the wicked virus, is crazy-making. Right?

So that is what day it is. Anyway, Word count that was caught up yesterday on CampNaNo. Behind again. Ouch! So I must leave you and get over to yWriter and see what I can do to fix it. My characters are having dance parties in the middle of the Pandamacalypse. And today is the day on Grey’s Anatomy that O’Malley dies. O’Malley! {See what I did there?}




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