Theft at the Fair and Other Stories (It's a Mystery)Theft at the Fair and Other Stories by Gita V. Reddy

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Disclosure: I was given this book for an honest review.

Gita V. Reddy, the author, lives in India. Her books take place in India. So, I suggest that this presents an educational opportunity for parents and teachers. Pull out the encyclopedias, books about India, and/or make sure Google is available. Though Gita takes the time to explain terms or words within the story that are regional, it would stop the flow of the story to explain everything India. And this set of stories keeps you reading, even as an adult.

The mysteries are right up front. I love that they help the reader to learn to use their powers of observation. That was the only super-power I would allow my children to use. (Otherwise, with cape flowing they would have jumped from second story windows. So no capes or pretending other powers.)

Since I should have written this yesterday, I can’t remember exactly, but I think each of the stories was about some kind of theft. (Well, duh! it is there in the title of the book! **wink, wink**) I did wonder if there was a higher incidence in India than America. But realized that it could be localized here, also. I live in a small town (population approximately one thousand) and I assume we have as much crime here, per capita as L.A. usually drug related. So India is probably comparable. AND I prefer a mystery that has to do with theft over kidnapping or murder. And in this case, it is the smart children that figure it out. Hopefully, that comes with the conversation that kids who see something should say something to parents, teachers, authorities, etc. So this book is valuable for all that the reader puts into it.

The author mentions money statements. Another Google shows us what that means and how it translates to American money. But more than anything else, these stories are fun and show us how much we have in common and teach us about other people, respecting others and their properties. And did I mention, these stories are fun?

I highly recommend this book to everyone, especially parents and teachers to facilitate a great learning experience.

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