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This day has pretended to be anything but Thursday. Thank goodness my brother knew it was the trash is ready for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I’ve been in password hell. My laptop went belly up. A new cell and Fire should help until we can get a new laptop. But every little thing needs a sign-in and new passwords. Maybe others do okay with all of that, but ADD/dyslexia of 2022 with all the two-step verification makes me wish for the simplicity of 1998.

I haven’t talked about the binges lately.

My friend and I between her two visits here and mine to her home, have enjoyed a couple shows. We really got sucked into The Umbrella Academy. I kind of hope there will be more, yet it doesn’t leave you on a cliff.

Stranger Things is on the edge of your seat exciting.

To calm down I’ve resorted to Bridgerton.

It’s kind of a nice change and you can’t take it seriously.

Ah, but as I’m busy with password hell or writing (I have gotten a little done but have no idea how much. I’m not working in yWriter so accurate word count, etc. can’t happen.) It’s back to old trusted noise of Outlander, Jurassic Park, The Walking Dead, etc. I figure I’ve shared them often enough. I can’t wait to get back to the history of  Doctor Who on Amazon. By the way, the others are on Netflix.

I think I’ll get back to my writing and TWD. I’m two weeks behind! Yikes! I’m filling in with trip memories. I’ll put them in the right journal later. I just need to write.

This was my last plarn project on the loom. But I had forgotten how to work this pattern. So I frogged it.
My husband mentioned he needed a water bottle carrier for our walks so here’s the progress.
Finished a pair of socks. Shh! I think these are my daughter’s size.😉
Time to move on on these charity socks.

Something else I’m working on. And it really is work! I’m going through all the Doctor Whos. I’ve managed to get to season three. Good thing I’m not watching. It’s mostly background while I write.

I am both impressed with how much of the traditions they managed to maintain so many years later And watching my high school fashions scroll before my eyes. And I’m grateful for the progress in acting and technology making good shows nowadays.

#Making Monday

Because I don’t like sarcasm or facetious remarks, I’ll forgo the #JusJoJan for this last day.

I don’t know if I shared the black painted “framed” *TARDIS in Starry Night.

Didn’t get the whole picture but I think you get the idea. Now I need to pick up some Command Strips to hang it on the wall.

Here’s a little for those who haven’t crossed paths with Doctor Who.<— Wiki

Here is the progress on my newest diamond project. In five days I’ve manage the lower right, of the sandy beach of Beach Sunset. The whole preview on the right. Sideways. This one is worked horizontally and sideways. I need to use the straightener to get my lines more even.

The slipper socks are nearly finished. I’m still working the cuffs.

What are you working on?

Done with the dots and Mod Podge. Tomorrow, black paint framing.

Yesterday, I kitted up the new project.

Here’s the preview and key.

The ‘diamonds’ come in little packets. With this project it’s even better as they are in little ziplock bags. The numbers correspond to the key on the canvas.

One side of cellophane bag.
The other side.
I have these containers that I think are less dumpable. So I labeled per key.
Progress so far.

And knitting is still keeping me out of trouble. This pair going to the charity. I’ll give the play by play when finished.

So soft. I wish they fit me! Not really. I feel good that someone might feel more comfortable in their life.

Per Linda:

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and my very first birthday-Stream-of-Consciousness-Saturday is: “icing on the cake.” Write about the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the phrase “icing on the cake.” Enjoy!

Remember how I felt I was finished with my Doctor Who Starry Night Diamond Painting? I had thought poking in the last few diamonds, cover with protective, glossy, Modge Podge would be it. But finding those last few empty spots to fill, figuring out what number you are looking at, even with a magnifying glass, seemed nearly impossible. But I was now down to one or two spots. I reached over to look at my Fire to hit the pause. Instead, I knocked over the full container of the number I was aiming for next.

The icing on the cake was finding most of the gems fell on the floor. That’s when I learned how many had fallen since I started the project. A quick sweep produced a huge pile of multicolored plastic bits and hair and dust. Yuck! I need one of those cute little vacuum cleaners made just for diamond painters. I spent most of the day cleaning the mess. Then I finished the popping on diamonds. And finally organized the leftovers from this project. As soon as I cover the painting with the gloss and paint on a frame I’ll take it’s last picture.

I can’t wait to start my next and actually my first DA project. I ordered it LAST January, received it last June. But my friend gifted this Doctor Who to me and my other friend and herself. So it became a group project. It was fun chatting and working together on Zoom.

Finished Friday

Oh, and Freezing Friday. Here’s our porch light as proof. It’s creepier at night but too cold and icy to step out to take a picture.

These finished and the next already started.

Kitchener cast-on, white toes cinnamon foot, white heel and cuff.

A very satisfying finish was the series Lost in Space.

Now back to Season 13 of Doctor Who.

Oh and here’s to the finish of this horrid year

See you next year!

Beautiful Day

It never got above freezing today so the snow stayed and showed off.

Meanwhile, I listened to a bit more of the Libby audio of Les Miserables. I had to switch off Christmas carols to a Les Mis station on Pandora. All the while, I enjoyed diamond painting a sun(?).

The little numbers are hard to decipher at times, but I’m having fun.

Just to do this much, takes the back light, the daylight, the light behind me, the lights on in my glasses and a magnifying glass.

Bending at this angle hurts after a while. I hope to get better at it.

Tomorrow more snow ❄️🌨️! Someone’s been snow dancing!

My Kind of Monday

I have to admit to getting the blues from Facebook and my cloud-sharing memories. Since we moved to Christmas Valley, we have enjoyed the snow.❄️It flurried on Halloween. We looked the Hallmark Thanksgiving with snow on the proper day. Then there had been my birthday snow. A kindness that didn’t show the birthday that my daughter and partner brought Kali to me. (Wow, four years ago.) And Christmas never disappointed. Hallmark wished they knew Christmas Valley!

Then last year, as if isolation wasn’t enough, the snow was stingy. This year it seemed almost as wrong. But on my birthday I got flurries. 😁

Yesterday, I decided to try my Diamond Painting. My friend sent me a Doctor Who. So I spent the day transferring the gems to the organizers. I had Pandora on the Bing Crosby Christmas music and Audible playing Les Miserables.

My brother heard the Christmas music playing, ‘Let It Snow’ 🌨️ and decided it was time to put up the trees. Knowing Rosey will be tearing it down as often as gravity demands, it is what it is today. Sorry. I’ll try to take a nighttime picture.

Notice outside? Yep! That is what gave us the energy.


It’s windy now, but another batch of snow is on its way!




What is wrong with this picture? No mailboxes on homes in Christmas Valley. Drive (or walk as we used to before the truck) 7miles to the post office.

So I finally caught up with the Wholloween Doctor Who marathon. We recorded it so I could watch it when I could. Does anyone still slip up and say taped? Yeah, I almost said that. I prefer watching recorded things in my own time and without commercials. Say, but this Flux first of this season, that scene that looked like witches on brooms was fun. I can’t wait to see more of this season! I was upset with the Marathon as they skipped around, Totally missed showing my favorite one, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. I love Doctor Who. They don’t take themselves too seriously while still having some sciency sci-fi on occasion rather than just silly stories. And the action and music kept me writing with something to look at to rest my eyes afar for a moment. That is something that music, like radio, CDs, or Pandora, doesn’t have. I need that visual thing going on.

I am having fun and am caught up with La Brea. Between Jodie Whittaker and Zyra Gorecki, I think my hair is destined to that shorter bob. I really like their hair. And hey, congratulations, Hollywood, for hiring representation of amputees. I had to look that up. Anyway, I love the creativity of this show. I wish I could watch it more than one or two at a time. And since these are new to me, I get sidetracked from writing when getting engaged in a story.

Speaking of writing, I feel Crystal, my #Inktober/NaNoWriMo crossover, is growing nicely. As of this moment, I have 11,049 words in my story, and I can’t wait to get back to it and see what happens. Crystal’s eye-crystals have her causing hallucinations; she found that her aunts and grandmother have the same things in their eyes but different abilities, some a bit of a curse, like Crystal’s. I thought maybe I heard Haven calling. But she hasn’t put her two cents in, so maybe Crystal and her family can get the whole story done on their own.

Speaking of NaNo, I found this YoutTube that might help newbies:

If you are looking for inspiration or just getting started, click here.

Thus Thursday

The actual word count for my NaNoWriMo project, Crystal is 7,040. I will be writing more as soon as I’ve done some recorder playing. I’m trying to stay a day or so ahead while the story is calling to me as it will get harder and I will lose medical days so.. Yay! Me!

Just a note for future reference, the weather wants to be rainy but is windy instead. Yuck! We need the rain or even snow!

I’m almost caught up in the Doctor Who marathon. I’m finally up to Jodie Whittaker and the Rosa episode. I love this one!

Well, those recorders won’t play themselves.

How was your Thursday?

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