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Friends and Fun Films Friday

When my friends and I get together on Zoom, our conversations often go to the books we’re reading or the latest adventures bingeing or streaming. My list of to-reads grows ever longer. My must-watch grows even more. We recently challenged each other to watch all the Marvel movies in timeline order leaving out The Black Widow because it hadn’t hit streaming yet. Once it did, we all watched that. By the way, you can find the timeline on Disney Plus after clicking Marvel, then scroll down a bit to find the movies in that order of when it all happened according to the comics. I got tired of these as they are so male-heavy, and whatever women are there, have to be Barbies with big boobs. Still, the storylines were fun.

Today’s suggestions I started watching right after I got off the Zoom. They were fun diversions from my usual background noise. I mostly watched while knitting socks. Yeah, besides a hat, I have four socks in different stages of the process. Anyway, without further ado, the two movies I had fun with.

First Chaos Walking

We had to watch it because some of the critiques out there are so funny we had to see for ourselves. I found it interesting and the concepts something different than the usual.

The other is Love and Monsters

All that fun, and I forgot popcorn. Now it’s too late. Maybe tomorrow, Happy Friday, everyone!

First, the disappointing word count of 44,235. That is 774 words short of the goal of 45,009. But I will try to make that up tomorrow.

On the other hand

Two more slipper socks, and the toe of the first of the next pair ready to go. I added a few rows on the multi-frogged X-Wing loom of four socks. So maybe the words suffer for the soft yarn? If I yarn better can I get more words? Curious minds want to know.

Meanwhile, my son and I are watching S.H.I.E.L.D.

We are into season 3. It is a Marvelous background to write to. It is fun and has similar energy that I think my NaNo has.

In the mornings after Kelly and Ryan and the View, oops and the News and GMA3 I am rewatching the Crown I just got to the Kennedy part. By the way, the choices for actors for those two was so wrong!

By the way, I finally finished Poldark. I had to leave it for a while because it added to the dispare of the day. And the cold parts were hard to watch when the weather got cold. But I did enjoy it and wished for more when it ended.



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