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Tutes Tuesday

Nope, not a knitting tutorial this time. My last couple of days have mostly been about The Last of Us. My son didn’t want me to watch the series before trying out the game.

I don’t play games above the level of solitaire and such. Maybe some hidden object games. But role-playing seems a bit too hard. Long ago, my kids had me play a Mario game, and I enjoyed watching the poor plumber jump. I didn’t get past that for laughing and making him jump more. The game was taken from me as the offspring said more needed to be done.

Well, yesterday, my son brought out his Playstation 3 for me to learn about The Last of Us game. The game is about a serious situation. I felt horrid hurting the actors. So I gave the controller back to my son. It had been so long since he played on this system; he usually plays on an Xbox. So he was having trouble getting the main guy, Joel, to climb up and join Tess. (I think that was her name.) I suggested pushing certain buttons, and it worked! Yay!

The story grabbed me right away, and I wanted to stop the game and see more of the story. Here is what we found. Cut out a couple days to watch these.

Then we watched the next one over yesterday and today.

I loved these and can’t wait to see the series.

While Dana had out the Playstation, he wanted me to try one of his favorite games, Skyrim. He thought I would do well with a few short trailers to understand the world and game. I won’t post all of them here. I wasn’t as impressed as I; I’m sorry, everyone, I don’t much like Lord of the Rings and High Fantasy. That is how it appears to me. But he has been telling me about this lady for a long time. Grandma Skyrim, Shirley Currey. She is my newest idol!


Here is the first one we watched, but I will go to her beginning and watch many of these. I like how she works with the vlog.

Oh, and the knitter in me can’t give up the idea that I hope somewhere she knits and knitted that cool sweater! She is SO cool!

No Internet 😥

But I found a ad-free game that was so addicting I didn’t get anything done.

It’s called Figgerit. But now that I’m looking for a link for you, all I’m finding has ads. But the one on my Fire has no ads. I hope you can find the one that doesn’t have ads

Anyone have favorite games that don’t have ads? I like to play cards type games when listening to books before bed. I can’t do Figgerit because games with words distract from the story.

Just Jot It January — Busy

I’m Busy


I used to be busy. In my head, it felt like the buzzing busy signal we used to get before call waiting. When we were officially retired our busy looked like the above phone screenshot. It was fun to connect with family and friends and make new friends. It was fun to learn new things. Heck, I learn a lot about loom-knitting, felting, polymer clay molding, chair yoga. Gosh, there is no end to what you can learn on the internet.

But body issues crept in and brain issues. Yes, I am afraid that after losing both of my grandmothers from Alzheimer’s, my brain may be getting more than old. Eye-tracking makes a lot of reading, even on the internet, nearly impossible. It makes playing the piano nearly impossible. But I’m finding ways to do the things, all the things, differently. (Kindle text-to-speech, Audible, for instance).

I start to feel guilty about how I spend my time. How I don’t do the things everyone else is doing. I, especially, feel the guilt while playing games.


Okay, maybe not that game. More like slower, calmer versions of Tetris-like games or wordy games, or hidden objects. Mixed in with bingeing shows, writing/editing my books, reading books, knitting. Still, it felt I should be busy doing other things, that my body can’t.

Today I read this:

9 Ways to Keep Aging Brain Smart Check out #3! So these are helping my brain stay alive. Yay! Not worthless playing for no reason.

And since watching Everwood, I am looking forward to more of this:


I figure if I don’t try to start where I left off but go back to the bigger staves and letting my memory of the easier pieces help me relax and enjoy the stuff again.

Per Linda:

Today’s prompt comes to us compliments of Saumya. Thank you so much, Saumya! Please be sure to visit her blog to read her post and say hello. And follow her while you’re there!

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 26th, 2020, is “busy.” Use the word “busy” any way you’d like. Enjoy!



What would be your ideal fantasy way to spend Monday?

With all that has been going on with moving in my son, today we took the dog for a walk. It was fun to chat and stroll. Perfect Monday.

What one person that you are out of contact with would you like to say thank you to?

My grandmothers and aunts. Every one of them gave me gifts to be grateful for. My maternal grandmother was a spitfire a tiny giant. My paternal grandmother (who I think I look like most) a warm hospitable woman with a sense of humor that lasted far past her Alzheimer’s. My maternal aunts who taught me to knit, crochet, sew, and to want and love children. I think of them every day! My paternal aunts, one inspired my desire to learn German and encouraged me in ways I didn’t even realize until I got older. Another of my paternal aunts feels near all the time. Her sense of humor, like her mother’s and love that just never ended. Her daughter shines the same love.

There are so many other aunts and ALL my wonderful cousins–What you wanted ONE person? Can’t narrow it down!

Oh, and we haven’t started on friends… If this wasn’t so public I would mention each and every one. I love you all!

List your favorite toys or games as a kid?

Swimming pool. Does that count? Okay, pogo-stick, jacks, twirling on the bars at school, swinging, oh how I miss swinging. Hula hoop, biking, wiggle-waggle board, BOOKS,oh, and swimming. Other things I loved are pictured above.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

Going through all the pictures of the games and toys made me smile. Thinking of my awesome life makes me smile.

Thank you Cee for this fun way to explore our worlds. Check out her site: Cee’s Photography.

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