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Happy Groundhog’s Day

Happy Groundhogs Day!

I can’t believe we are already at this silly, fun holiday. I try to enjoy it every year. No, I don’t believe in the prediction of a fat little rodent. But even science can’t get right with all their dopplers and storm wranglers. That they say the furry beast didn’t see his shadow and that it means an early spring, doesn’t surprise me. And yet how they came to that conclusion does.

First of all, it seems to me that if the sun is shining then there can be a shadow. I think that should mean early spring rather than the other way around. But what do I know? They rarely ask for my predictions! Just for the record, I do believe it will be an early spring. Winter has just not pulled it’s weight this year. It has been cold and there has been snow–like today. But it melts and gets warm too soon. I just hope that it doesn’t mean a bad, smoky summer. Some say a mild winter brings a mild summer. I hope they are right.

Mostly I hope that I can get to the beach and get to swim somehow this year.

Speaking of swimming, yesterday’s streaming entertainment seemed to be dedicated to mermaids. We needed some very lightweight shows. It started with Scales the movies. It was very lightweight but fun.

Then most of the day we let Disjointed make the background noise. It’s pure silliness. By the way, I do take the CBD tincture for pain relief and sleep. With all the bad news about vaping, I’m glad I never got into smoking weed. I don’t think my lungs could handle it. I hope the law, insurance, medical teams don’t ruin this medicine and make it cost far more. Anyway, if you need the laugh:

We were able to watch start to finish in one day. To tell you the truth I was ready for it to end by the end of the second season. But I liked how they wrapped it all up at the end of season three.

We had a bit more time before we would be ready for bed so we went back into the water with H2O Just Add Water. We only watched a bit before the drowsy started so we’ll probably finish it tomorrow.

I like the concept that these girls each get their own abilities. I can’t wait to see where this show goes.

How was your day


Two Days After

Two days after the Groundhog predicted an early spring, we’re getting our late winter.

And at 4:30 it is still snowing! Yay! Sorry if it is a hard winter for others out there, I miss the snow!

Oh, and by the way, I did watch GHD two days ago along with the special features on the DVD. Yes. I think of it as a very spiritual, wise movie.

Groundhog’s Day

Day 1 without prompt. Thank goodness this one comes built-in. Get ready for a meandering.


I love GHD. I love the movie, too. But it is similar to Christmas and Easter and St. Patrick’s day. It is for the fun. The facts are that little rodent can’t tell us if Spring will come early or not. Not by looking at a shadow. The only way it can see it’s shadow if the sun is shining. So how would a sunny day predict more winter?

Here we had snow, again. That seems more of a predictor. But back to the groundhog. A way it could be right is how thick the fur is. If it were shedding we might know that milder weather was coming.

That aside. I love the movie and the possibilities it presents. What if we had a day that repeated? Maybe most of us wouldn’t have so far to go from our current selves to a more refined and loving person. Still, I do think we might go through that suicidal stage. When Phil starts out he’s an egotistical mess. But for most of us the boredom of doing the same things over and over. Oh, wait! Isn’t that how it is for most of us in the work-a-day world when we are not in love with our jobs?

What I find even more exciting, though, is when Phil discovers that with all this time he could use what he learns to enhance his life and soon enhance the lives of others. Now I realize that we don’t have the opportunity to find the money to take daily piano lessons or French lessons, we can use our time to learn what we can when we can. It is more difficult when we are working and so tired at the end of the day. But if we try we can find a moment here or there to do those things we have curiosity or passion for.

Oh, and the chances Phil had to forgive others and earn forgiveness for himself is so touching. Seeking to find ways to save lives and others’ feelings. It was finally something he could get to seeing the same things every day. But I believe those moments are there for us.

I am lucky to finally be at the point in my life where there is time to think and do things I wished I could have had when I had more energy and less pain. Having the chance to take German and Spanish (Duolingo) on a daily basis, a chance to give back to society by making hats and other things, are some of the Phil things I can do now. When warmer weather gets here walking or playing the piano (that room is TOO cold right now) will be added to my regiment. Wouldn’t it be cool to die knowing I did the best with my brain and body? What if my last words were in Spanish or German? True others around me might not know what I am saying, but I would know I made my brain last until the last moment. There was a woman in the home my dad was in that was a concert pianist. No. I will never be at that level. But wouldn’t it be cool to be the old lady that can play for others? Wouldn’t it be great to end our day with love that we gave away to others everyday knowing our lives counted for something?

Happy Groundhog’s Day–even tomorrow!

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