I took these pictures this morning.The bright ones are to the south of our house. The one with the shadows are on the north side. That is the side that melts slowly and even when the snow seems to have melted all over, right in the front of our place there is the cold shadow of darkness and ice. Wow, sounds like the beginnings of a spooky story!

Still, I wish I could capture the true pictures of darkness like the brilliance of last night’s snow. I love standing out in the night while it’s snowing. I don’t need to take the flashlight on those nights because it seems the snow illuminates everything. I can see the dog and anything that might try to attack her. She seems to love the snow, too as she didn’t want to come in the house any more than I did. Today it was more boring. I took a little walk around the property enjoying the pure clean look of everything, but the sun was so bright I had to go in because I didn’t have on my sunglasses. Well, if it has to be cold, it might as well be pretty!

Hopefully,, Linda G. Hill is feeling better. In spite of health issues she is still engaged with the Jot It January team she set up. Thank you!

Also, thank you, Kerry, who gave us the prompt of “Darkness.” Visit Kerry at her blog, “Her Headache,” her link:  https://kkherheadache.wordpress.com/