Thanks to Linda G. Hill  for the inspiration to write every day and to Ruth  for the prompt.


I am a sloppy writer. It is why I hate writing letters by pen and ink. My cursive isn’t too bad but I often make mistakes and end up scratching out misspells or words that are ahead of where I’m at in writing. I like pencils with erasers because I can fix said mistakes. No indelible marks there.

I remember when I discovered the typewriter. I had an old Underwood as a kid. I loved it. I learned quickly how to cross things out with the forward slash or X. I was so happy when I learned about the pen and typewriter erasers. But those made holes in the paper. Later we had Whiteout. But it still left a nasty look to the paper.

Then I discovered these:

I don’t know how to make the picture happen or if it does show up just with the link but these pens are so nice! My only excuse for not writing is sitting still and doing it! No more indelible mistakes! Need to order more soon!