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A to Z, D

Drape closing time of the day. Daytime is ending with a beautiful sunset. Unfortunately, the pinks and reds my eyes saw, don’t show up for the picture. Darn!

I didn’t take a walk today. It was so cold and the wind was blowing hard. I hate to admit it but I missed doing it. I am watching a lot of YouTubes about Keto and Doctor Jason Fung, Intermittent Fasting. They are helping me see more things I can do to get healthier. I don’t want to claim the word Diabetes for a D word, but can’t get away from it!

By the way, the dog isn’t happy with today either. Not only is she so depressed she is sleeping, she seemed to pull that picture out of focus. (Hehe)

Daily editing for CampNaNo still happened. 9592 words went through Grammarly and I fixed a few of the mistakes. I am still happy with the story and can’t wait to get my series out into the world. I hope my appointment with the doctor tomorrow will help me with my vision issues.

I am back in the crazies of What Day Is It Anyway? And only just now did I realize that this is Monday and once again I missed my writing group. I guess I need to start putting DATES on my calendar that I want to be aware of. Now that I have more going on in my life I may need to keep a diary again!


Why Friday

Yesterday I was so tired I barely knitted. Sure, I’m not the battery rabbit, but my hands and brain usually won’t stop.

Today was better, but it still feels blah and force to get anything done.

So I am using why? Is it the diet?

Hey, Keto friends, did you go through times of tiredness? How about times of oily face and hair? Why are my limbs still dry and flaky?

Sure, it could be the times I get up with the dog all night. The lack of continuous sleep?

I realize I am still learning how to make the Keto with mostly vegetarian going on is hard to do. But I do enjoy the salmon and spinach salad with cheese. I am increasing salads and olive oil, and salmon. I’m decreasing, well, eliminated bread but decreasing other carbs. I’m trying not to be too strict and just trying to make it healthier and healthier. I am still doing the 16/8 fast/eat. That part is quite easy. I keep trying to force the fast time longer just to see how long I can go without getting jittery, which so far I do just fine that way.


Why is my brain mushy? Yet, I must say on the days when I have salmon, it seems better–or am I just fooling myself?


Bitmoji Image

Tasty Tuesday

Success! Spaghetti Squash for a second time in my Instapot. I little olive oil and a sprinkle of salt, and I had a good breakfast. AND I finally figured out why my phone and the pot didn’t connect—the wrong password. So if any of you have an instapot that is wifi connected, you need not give it its own name and password. It needs your wifi name and password. So now I may be able to figure out more things to make and keep track of the cooking without standing in the kitchen watching the pot because, as you know, a watched instapot doesn’t …

I meant to tell you all yesterday that I managed to go to the doctor to set up my PCP. Yay me!!! So now I can get busy and find out what ails me and fix the problems I can. She was happy to hear about my Intermittent Fasting and leaning toward Keto. I am not being harsh with myself. I’m getting better at having salad and salmon or sardines a couple times a day and letting go of the bread, at least, and working on better carbs. My waistband is looser. One of my favorite breakfasts, which is after 12 noon, is salmon with olive oil, garlic, and parsley with spring mix then cheese. Pop in the microwave, and it is beautiful to look at and so tasty. I was a vegetarian until now. I wanted to be vegan but cheese. So I figured I need all that the salmon can give my old body, a lot more protein than I had been able to manage before. And the plus of Keto is cheese. I’m just narrowing my eating time and making sure it is more healthy than before. It’s been a few weeks of growing into it, and I think this is something I can make a good habit of.


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