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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “the last piece of mail you received.” Talk about the subject of the last piece of physical mail you received, i.e. a gas bill–talk about gas, not the bill itself. Have fun! Per Linda G. Hill.

I am horrid at mail of any kind. Email and snail correspondence get dusty waiting for me. Especially since we moved into the middle of nowhere. With no house delivery, we used to go to the post office a couple of times a week. We now are lucky when picking it up a couple of times a month.

I have a friend I would love to emulate in her mailing habits. Out of the blue recently I received the above postcard. She wrote a haiku on the back with a nice message of affection. She is the one that sent the present a day for advent. They were things like dollar store bubbles or silly putty. But out here and with the fibro keeping my housebound most of the winter, these were treasures. I felt like a little kid with each gift I opened. I feel the same when I receive a postcard or letter from her.

Not only is this humbling to me, but it also teaches me how little things can make life worth living.

This is my promise in front of the whole internets: I will start writing notes, letters and other types of posts to this friend and others. Even in Spanish if I have to. 😉😎



One-Liner Wednesday 20190320

Here There Be Dragons

And who knows what else?

Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday is so much fun. Come join us click here for the rules!

The Sole With Soul

I don’t know why I made that title. Mostly to remind me of the prompt of the day. But it did make me see dancers. Yes, this one:

For seeing the sole of the shoe in the moonwalk dance during the Billie Jean performance brought me back to listening to popular music. The 70s were not nearly as exciting for me as the 60s so I had taken to just my few albums, ​33 1⁄3  if you please.

The next decade offered tons of wonderful music as one of my children noticed the Beatles and another the Cure and Depeche Mode and Queen I was happy to turn on the radio. The kids and I sang loudly!

Music plays a part in my soul at all times with such eclectic turns and extremes. From the forced piano lessons from ages 5-15, church music, singing non-stop even in my dreams, classic and even an occasional loud metal or rap. It’s all in there and always on.

As for the other picture in my mind for the prompt, and I hope I can find a picture that matches the one in my head, the dancing sole-fish:

Okay, I know it isn’t a sole fish, but he seems to be dancing with soul!



Thanks, Linda, for this fun challenge!


Chapter 2 is following Chapter 1 of Haven.



I hope that counts for a One-Liner Wednesday one-liner. To add to that line if you want to read the whole book or in another place find Haven here.

Wow. I just changed my physical calendar. That’s how out of it I feel. Those trips to the ER/Bend are so hard on me, especially when we don’t get home until 4:00AM and asleep at 5:00AM. We slept well past noon. Just exhausted. STILL two days later. We should be celebrating the relocated shoulder.

Maybe some won’t understand the extreme tiredness that happens to those of us with chronic illnesses like fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc. The days of a quick recovery and getting back to business takes a lot longer.

Lots of naps as just sitting around doing less than nothing happens as I try to get something done. Yeah. Laundry did happen. Three loads felt more like 50 loads. I should know. I had four kids so I know laundry.

It is exciting to know that Snowmageddon has calmed down. The temps are higher, the snow is melting. Maybe March is going to be better than February? I sure hope so. When I finally recover I hope the mud and ice are gone so I can get outside and walk, and maybe get rid of some ‘guilt’bushes (sage that is growing to close to the house presenting a fire hazard).

I tried a new Yoga today but I don’t think I’m ready so as of tomorrow I’ll get the chair yoga going again.

There is a lot more to say but the energy is gone. Maybe I’ll get back to it tomorrow.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is a challenge brought to us by Linda G. Hill.

I colored this for the last day of the month. But then the escaping shoulder joint of my husband’s sent us out into the Snowmaggedon and sleep didn’t happen until 5 AM. By the way, his shoulder is fixed so…

I just wonder if this counts for my turn in for February still? At midnight the first of March we were in the ER. I didn’t want to use my phone to post more than the simplest post. First my eyes have a hard time on the phone screen and second my fingers never hit the right keys.

Without further ado…




Thank you, Linda G. HIll, for the coloring fun.

For March this will be my challenge:

One-Liner Wednesday 20190227

Shut Your Sock ✔


Brother modeling said socks.

One-liner Wednesday is brought to us by Linda G. Hill. Come play with us!

The thing is I wanted to go look up quotes and pictures. I don’t believe that is the point of Stream of Consciousness. And it wasted my writing time.

I guess I feel a little bad when I have to be the critic like I had to be with yesterday’s review. Here I am at the point where I need critiques of my overall book (not ready for the pickiunies). And I’m afraid. Yet as I review books I feel I have to let first of all my future self how I felt about a book and then friends. I never assume that mine is the only critique. It may not even be close to how I feel if I re-read a book later in another level of my path as a person. It is just what it is in the moment.

Often when I read a book my pain levels are high, or my brain is foggy, or circumstances in my life flavor everything I do. I try to include these variants in my reviews. I know to some people that may be a limb I shouldn’t go out on. They just want to know about the book. Not about me. But like I said above, I write these for me and share with others. I spent too many years re-reading the first part of a book thinking it seemed familiar. But no way to keep track until GoodRead came along. I share copies of my critiques on Amazon and here and NetGalley.

Is that against Internet rules to do that? I often see that people say, ‘as posted on…’ Am I supposed to say that? Why? I just copy and paste my own words. If I want to share someone else’s I try to make sure to give the author attributes so it doesn’t seem like I’ve copied someone’s work. But it seems like it ought to be okay to share my own, right?

Anyway, is there a quote that says, ‘All the world’s a critic.’ or words to that effect? That was the quote I was trying to find.

My  mother used to say, “It’s easy to criticize, harder to walk in their skins.” Something I need to remember always.

Thanks, Linda for this challenge and the prompt ‘Critic’.

One-Liner Wednesday 20190220

Moon and snow.

The big light is the moon. The other two lights are the neighbor’s porch lights. Couldn’t figure out how to avoid their house in the picture.

There. Just the moon.

Front facing north, through the window. Shadows of porch rails on snow.

Okay, not exactly a one-liner overall. But the top line was.

Thanks, Linda!


Just another blog. I’m sorry. I have nothing. Again. But here’s the thing. When do you yawn and why? It isn’t always for boredom. I yawn when I get started on yoga. After I’ve done some of the postures and breathing my yawns go away and I feel better.

Then there are nap and bedtimes when the body tells us that it is time to sleep. Yawn after yawn until we hear what our bodies are saying.

Yawning is dangerous for those of us with TMJ. I watch the emergency shows and last week a lady was stuck mid-yawn and couldn’t get her jaws to close again. I knew this was a possibility that is why I often use that closed mouth yawn you use when you are supposed to be paying attention: plays, speeches, someone talking to you, church, reading something boring like this. I even add the hand over the mouth to help keep the mouth closed.

Oh, what joy it would be not to have that fear and to let that yawn take control. But our nearest emergency room is an hour and a half and then there is the waiting in the waiting room. Germs and ugh! So, I’ll stick with the prim and proper yawn and let go in other areas of my life.

*Yawn* is the prompt given to us by our seemingly tireless writer, blogger, and challenger, Linda G. Hill. Thanks, I think. And good night.

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