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Time to look at works in progress.

Sock on the left ready to cuff. Sock on the right ready for ankle.
Almost done.

But if you’ve been following. I’m spending a lot of time reading. Even reading out loud. I know that seems something small. But my eyes have never been able to see to track and read properly, even though reading has always been my favorite pastime.

So I’m in training now so that my dream of sharing my books and podcasting will happen. I picked up

12Pcs Dyslexia Tools for Kids Dyslexia Reading Strips, Colored Overlays for Dyslexia Transparency Reading Guide Strips for Kids Correction Gel Lighting Filter (11.7 in x 8.3 in) to help me track better.

I will use these on books and computer screen.

I’m still checking out Librivox to read aloud books and Audacity to help record podcasts and books.

So busy!

The Artist Way, Morning Pages Journal.

That’s what I try to share here. Things that bring me joy.

The things I make aren’t professional, but I love working on projects and finishing.

Here’s one

Yahoo! 100 words extra! Already set up next month’s Junowrimo of 20K more. I miss dragons and planets but Moving (my newest working title of my memoirs) is more fun and more work than I thought it would be.

No pictures until totally finished and hung on walls but working on straightening, sealing, and framing my diamond paintings. I can’t wait to unwrap and kit up my next, a lighthouse for my husband.

No pictures, but continuing knitting a couple pairs of socks.

Spring brings me joy. The mesquite are starting to bloom. I’ll wait until full bloom to capture. But yesterday we caught sight of a bright yellow bird. I thought it was a finch. But today I got a good look. Unfortunately, he kept moving beyond my phone picture range. But I Googled what I saw. Turns out to be a Western Tanager.

Aren’t they beautiful?

And I’m writing this early as today is my last long drive. My final eye recheck is this afternoon. At least not early in the morning. Still, so many 5 hour driving days are so wearing. Maybe by July I will have recovered.

I think tired is the reason I’m not seeing more improvements. My eyes are tired and blurry. I hope to find ways to get better this afternoon.

Speaking of tired. I just realized, this is Tuesday!!!!

And Happy Tuesday!

Finished bath mitt.

I found a cotton sock yarn and started a pair of toes.

I didn’t work on my dragon today. But my progress as of yesterday looked like this.

The house is still standing despite 65mph winds. And electric storm. And once that settled slushy snow played around outside.

Four seasons in a day!

No writing. That may be a morning job. I’ll let you know tomorrow. Guilt isn’t a good motivation.  Music fits in the same category. I need to work out a schedule for these things.


On the home-stretch with the spa slippers. I’d love to find a bunch of this twisted cotton. It feels good to my hands and I bet it’ll feel great to freshly-lotioned feet.
I will probably finish this dragon tomorrow. With this weather, I may never get outside again.
Last night at Kali’s midnight outside. Today snow blizzard conditions so as not to see a mile and then shiny blue skies. Trying to keep track of the season!

I lowered my goal for CampNaNo. 25k instead of 50k. Now I have less pressure and more fun ahead.

A hat nearing the decrease of crown.
Another couple of inches of dragon. Loving it! I’m not sure but I think I’ve added another hour of sleep as it is so meditative to work on.

The biggie is my CampNano. I am still in the years of vague memories. Though today I’ll move into my seventh year. Word count is 5,407. As soon as I post the blog I’ll get busy writing more. It is different writing memories as opposed to imagination.

So walking was walking at home. The wind was so bad there is no way it can be healthy to breathe a sky that looks like this.

It is only a mile to the main highway. You can’t see it. So…

Just so you don’t think I’ve left my knitting behind. This hat is ready for the crown decrease.

Today’s walk looks the same but we went the opposite way. It was barely raining. We could almost walk between the drops.

I think there were less steps because we didn’t take the dog. But better time. Worrying that the lightning might start made us walk a little faster. Glad we got home before the wind started.

Made progress on the rewrites of book two. I was supposed to get another 6k this month but may have to be happy with what I will have on the 31st.

CampNano starts April 1st. This time I’m thinking of making it an autobiography. My cousin has sent me a tape recorder and tapes to start recording family memories. I thought writing it all down might help with recording and vice versa.

Anyway, happy Monday!

Here’s the latest projects that have seen progress.

Most of the wing, arm, to the waist, done. I am loving this project. Wish my body let me stay with it more.
Charity yarns, charity socks. I think they will be striped or scrappy.

Spa sock for a gift. This is cotton and acrylic. Very soft and will work well for post bath and lotion

This wool doesn’t have enough strength to be socks so after trying and frogging twice, I decided to make a hat or two.

I did get a new scene going for editing book 2. Not as much as I want but, hey, it’s something. Progress.

We got a little rain and snow this morning, but I think we are into Spring again. The mesquite bushes are getting leaves. I do hope we get more spring showers. Our area is in exceptional level of draught. That is dryer than extreme.

Happy Spring, everyone!

I feel better today. Still a little tired, even after 8 hours last night and a nap. You know, as useless as I felt over the last couple days, my hands continued knitting. So that this morning I finished this pair of slipper socks for the charity.

KB His sock loom. Kitchener cast-on, flat knit stitch, German short-row heel, more flat knit stitch, 2 by 2 purl/knit ribbed cuff.

I managed a bit of Diamond Painting before a nap took me.

From top to nose level of the dragon. A little lower on the right side. I can’t wait to see the bird done. Maybe tomorrow.
This is all that was left of the yarn I made the slipper socks from. I’ll probably use it in a toy.
So I found another cake of soft white yarn to start another pair. I think I’ll use the white for toes and heels. There probably isn’t enough for a whole pair.

So I finally am finished aligning the drills. I must complain about the glue not holding properly in some places while not allowing an alignment shift in others. So I took a pic prior to doing a layer of Mod Podge.

I will put another layer of Mod Podge tomorrow then paint a frame on Wednesday. Thursday it will find a place on my wall. Yay!

Today I started the new fun Diamond Painting. I received this new project of four pieces. Four dragons!

I pulled out one and chose to work on it without peeking.

Right away I’m impressed with the key and symbols. Just alphanumeric. And clear. So much easier on my eyes. And the sample picture makes me excited. It is bigger than either of my last two DP projects.

I like that the company seeks to provide the best–the paragraph on top.
Here’s what came rolled up in the picture. The package of diamonds, the pen, the green sorting bin with pink wax, and little resealable bags. I won’t use them until I’m finished with the project.

Here is how the packages of0 diamonds, drills, came. Way better than my previous works.

Look at this easy-to-see and understand symbol key.

And now I am kitted up.

Tomorrow I’ll tape the edges. Then I’ll roll up the bottom, section off the top with release paper. And start dotting on the upper right working left then down. It keeps my hands off the sticky bits that way.

Here is the kit if you are interested.

My passion this week has been my reading, first edit of Haven Above and Beyond. Or until I choose a better title, Haven book 2. My goal when I started February was 25,000 words read/edited to yWriter7. I have ended February with 45,190. Nearly 50k! I’m more than pleased. And I’m excited about the project. I can’t wait to dig in and rewrite, elaborate or kill parts of the story to make it better.

The heels are done on the socks. It won’t be long now!

My body hasn’t cooperated to finish the last bits of the Diamond Painting. Maybe tomorrow.

I have started working with the Trapp recorder book as it is for the English/Baroque. Then I review what works from the other book. I’m starting it over sadly. I had finished that book.

Now I need to go finish a library book that is due tomorrow.

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