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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “rest.” Use it any way you like. Enjoy!

Rest your bones from your labors.

Yikes! I went Biblical.

But I did just nap. Why do I sleep better during a nap than any time during night?

Somewhere there has to be research proving how to important naps can be.

That time when my babies slept became a ritual for me. When I went back to work, I had a boss who shut down the office. He’d close himself in his office and told me to rest in mine. It certainly made a productive day. We never had that difficult after two time.

Twenty minutes is all I need. In fact, longer than that I’d get grumpy and sluggish.

That same boss set up walk time, too. I wished I could have afforded to raise four teens alone on $8 an hour for part-time. It was a fun job that I learned a lot.

There’s more but I’ll give it a rest.

One-Liner Wednesday 20190327

Don’t bother me, I’m coloring and then napping! Or the other way around?

There are no challenges about napping that I know of. I would love to make that blanket! But there are only three more days to this month to get our Escapest Coloring Club projects finished. I take it seriously. Thank you, Linda! And for One-Liner Wednesday!

The winds dried up a lot of the water. The rest froze. It would seem life is better. But the barometric pressure is doing the rollercoaster thing. When that happens and I start flaring the only thing I can think to do is nap.

Here is my napping partner after I got up and came back to bed–cover hogger!


and couldn’t resist the close-up:


Who could resist this face?


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