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One-Liner Wednesday

Join the fun(?) of One-Liner Wednesday

This is the year of pogonip!

Pogonip Monday

Ice fog


Image result for pogonip fog
Image result for pogonip fog
Image result for pogonip fog
Image result for pogonip fog
Image result for pogonip fog
Image result for pogonip fog
I typed POGONIP into my browser. The above images and definitions are some of what came up.


Ice fog is a type of fog consisting of fine ice crystals suspended in the air. It occurs only in cold areas of the world, as water droplets suspended in the air can remain liquid down to −40 °C. It should be distinguished from diamond dust, a precipitation of sparse ice crystals falling from a clear sky. Wikipedia

Old Farmer’s Almanachttps://www.almanac.com › fact › b…Beware the Pogonip

The word pogonip is a meteorological term used to describe an uncommon occurrence: frozen fog. The word was coined by Native Americans to describe the …

Reno Gazette-Journalhttps://www.rgj.com › 2019/12/06Native Americans feared pogonip, the ‘white death’

Dec 6, 2019 — The freezing fog so adversely affected the native peoples’ lives that they called it “pogonip,” which translates to “white death.

Web results

Merriam-Websterhttps://www.merriam-webster.com › …Pogonip Definition & Meaning

The meaning of POGONIP is a dense winter fog containing frozen particles that is formed in deep mountain valleys of the western U.S.. Did you know?

Dec 11, 2018 — The National Weather Service says that pogonip can also present itself as a dense fog that occurs during the winter months, containing suspended …

1968 DARE FW Addit NV, Pogonip . . [ˈpɑgənɪp]—A fog that freezes onto trees and bushes. When you see a fog in the mountains in winter, “there will be pogonip in …

noun A frozen fog, formed in the coldest weather in the mountain valleys of Idaho, Nevada, and Colorado. When inhaled it often produces severe pulmonary trouble …

Jan 2, 2018 — The term — popularized in part by The Old Farmer’s Almanac, which sometimes cautions “Beware the Pogonip” — describes a wintertime cold spell …

Pogonip definition, an ice fog that forms in the mountain valleys of the western U.S.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ see the rabbit hole it can take you down? Anyway fog makes stagnant air so we still can’t burn trash. But here’s the beauty from my living room window:

Pogonip on the icicle.
Early morning pogonip on the mesquite.
Pogonip on the fence.
Pogonip on the rails of the porch.
No new snow but it is so much higher than yesterday. Pogonip.
Pogonip fog so thick you can barely see the driveway. And even the icicles have the pogonip crystals.
Pogonip on the sagebrush. The snow is already too deep for Kali. Oh, and pogonip on the badminton net nextdoor.
POGONIP on the mesquite bushes makes it look like we’ve had more snow . But we haven’t.

Well, not quite but close.

Still need to straighten, paint on the frame, and seal.

Almost ready to heel. Well, the one on the left.


I did meet my February goal of 25k words moved into yWriter7. In fact, I surpassed that number and set up for part two of Haven book two overall edit.

And on this Finishing Friday we started with the freezing fog. Pogonip or rime. Here’s how it looked from the warm side of the curtains:

It is like snow as you get light flurries. But you can watch crystals form on the bannisters. It’s like that science experiment of growing rock crystals. So awesome to look at and just an incredible sight.


#JusJoJan, January 18, 2022, Cycle

The cycle of Pogonip, White Death, or freezing fog to the rest of us seems over. I’m kind of sad as it was fun to see from the window. And now we slip back into the extreme draught. On the plus side, it’ll be warm enough for a while to take my walks. But one last picture of the leftovers from the trees and bushes.

Dropped Pogonip is now snow on the driveway.

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 18th, 2022, is “cycle.” Use the word “cycle” any way you’d like. Have fun!


See the strings of icy lace on the lower right? They’ve been growing for days from our Pogonip.

My joy is the weather around here. Well, when it’s snowy and beautiful. Pogonip tried to fool us.

The ‘nip’ started falling from the trees like snow. This fog seems never ending. And it’s cold! I can understand why being out in it could cause illness. It hurts to breathe it. But for this homebody looking through the window, it’s a joy.
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