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Social Media is Addicting! (Funny Picture). Had to reblog this! Thank you: http://martyfnemec.com

An ADD Day

Last night I went to bed full of ideas of what I wanted to accomplish with my writing today. I was excited as I have downloaded three new writing programs to play with, Scrivner being the costliest. I am still on the free trial. I think that I will buy it. It looks like something I might be able to use for everything, including the blogging.

I picked up these two for free: StoryTurbo and Storybook

I haven’t had the time to look at them yet.

My husband prompted me while watching me painfully processing a ‘senior moment,’ to get Grammar Check Anywhere . This is another I have already found useful. It isn’t cheap, either. At least not to me. However, I think it will pay for itself as I don’t see those moments going away.

So my plan for this morning was to continue to edit a story I was working on last night. I wanted to post it here when I felt it was public ready. Which won’t mean professionally edited, merely lots better than it is now.

This was all spurred by several of the posts I reblogged here yesterday… and this morning?

BUT… I got online and decided to make sure I am in all the social media. I’m still learning Tumblr. I just don’t get it. Is there no way to respond to other peoples’ posts? I made sure I had a Reddit account. Not sure what to do there. Decided to started being serious about the editing issues by getting more involved in Scribophile.com to learn to edit other authors’ work and hand over my babies for outside help.

All these web sites, so much ‘research,’ so little time. Every site that I was on presented me shiny things. Then I found Paper.li. Did you know that you could put out your own paper? Hey, that was fun!

Then my laptop was overheating. Not the battery, the processor. So I had to turn it off. Yes, I have a cooling pad. If anyone has other ideas to help I’m open to them.

Meanwhile, I still wanted to make sure I wrote on my little blog. So I am on my tablet. I can’t write this in those fancy-dancy new programs or with grammar and spell check on. So I am doing the best I can with what I have here. When the laptop cools, I will transfer all this to a few of those programs to clean it up and add the real web sites. I might even find a few pictures to add to this. I expect an applause if this actually gets onto the blog today. Think of all the shiny things between here and there!


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