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At midnight I got into the Night of Writing Dangerously. That moment when Halloween is over, All Saints Day began and NaNoWriMo rings the bell to start. Well, I don’t know about the bell. It must be in my head. There are tons of writing groups that get together and type for a couple hours. I have done that a couple times. But usually, I just pretend I am with a group and get it going on my own. I will watch this when I finish here as I didn’t watch it last night. I just wanted to share the excitement and fun.

My theory is that if I can start large I will be slightly ahead when the mid-month slumps or people-time interruptions occur. But I managed 2,329 words last night. And like I said I will be doing more when blogging is completed.

As I have said I am continuing the novel I started way back in March (I think-2020 is hard to keep track of it after months of editing and rearranging bits and pieces, taking out all journaling, complaints, and prompts that didn’t work for the story I ended up–yesterday, at 25,172. So my goal is to add 50,000 to that this month. I know I said this in part last night but I felt I needed to waste some time spelling things out better.

So for the months between the writing of the beginning and now, I have been using three different programs, each featuring something unique to help the writing, editing process. yWriter is my favorite. I can outline on the fly, keep my characters, locations, and items up-to-date, etc. The biggest downfall, for me, has been that it wants to save locally. I learned long ago that computers break down and then where will your documents be? I tried saving to dongles, but that had its own problems. Finally, I started to export the project and save it in my cloud drive. But once you have a new machine you have to reset-up how you had it before the breakdown. That happened in September. My laptop nosedived and my husband loaned me his to try and keep up my writing. Good thing I had that export to rebuild from. Then my husband turned me on to yWriter7. Now we can save everything to Dropbox. I was new to it so Hubby had to teach me how that works. And it does! And I can open the project on my Fire or tablet or even my phone if I get the inspiration. Here’s a YouTube of how it works:

The second favorite that I use a lot at the beginning of a story and then just try to copy and paste to keep it updated is WriteItNow  It is great for setting up characters. You can do a random search of names or add ones you have already created. Then you can find personality traits, set up who is related to whom and how. I like the colors I can make the background and fonts. Anyway, here is a YouTube on this amazing program:

The last step for me is opening one of the latest exports from yWriter in good ole Microsoft Word, where I open Grammarly and do the editing. I don’t think I need an URL or YouTube on Word. But as I was writing this I saw a bunch of tutorials that I may want to stroll through and learn other ways to use what I have.

By the way, I have Scrivener but somehow in moving computers I can’t seem to figure out how to get it up and running again. I did find it had its uses but I often found it confusing. To each their own, I suppose.

Okay, I’ve procrastinated writing long enough. Hope you found something here that is useful for you.

According to Linda G. HillYour Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “key.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!


The key to a good series is good editing. Hey, that sound professional, right? Yikes, how do you writers do this part? Since I finished writing in November I have chosen to keep at it by editing. I chose to move back into the novel I wrote for CampNaNo (April 2019?) Haven in 3D. It was going quite well. I opened the project in both yWriter and Word and used Grammarly to get me through. I may not have everything in the final order, there may be big plot bunnies running around. But at least it will not have glaring grammar or misspellings. After I correct a scene I copy it from Word and replace the one in yWriter so that it is also corrected.

I got as far as chapter 6. Then I had a mass of questions about past characters and planet issues. Did you hear the screech of the sudden slam on the brakes?

Where did I hide the novel about all of this? The title is Earth the Final Frontier. That project has over 92 thousand words according to the yWriter project and 99 thousand words in the Word version. Why the discrepancy? I haven’t figured that out yet. But I am pleased and proud that I have that many words in one novel anywhere!

So now, shifting gears I am into the first chapter of ETFF. When I get far enough to find said characters and can get back to Haven in 3D I will have rescued the key element.

I have a build-in amount of time I can put into editing. It seems to be four or five hours and then I am spent. I am done with words. I feel like Eliza Doolittle, “Words, words, words! I’m so sick of words!”

So the key to good editing is knitting! Bye! Now, where is that little hook-doohickey?

(You see what I did there? hehe)

Today? Editing!

What is worse than looking at a blank page?




I spent today editing my CampNaNo story, Haven in 3D. I don’t do it like the picture, though I think I might near the end. My process is: Open yWriter project. Open Word with the RTF of that project. Then I open Grammarly Pro. Though I don’t think I am down to the words but the actual overall story, why not fix what I can as I read?

After I have cleaned up a scene in Word, I copy and paste it back into the yWriter scene and move on to the next scene. I think I added 26 words. That was a surprise because at first, I was killing words left and right.  I spent from around noon to just an hour ago. I covered one chapter and two scenes from the next chapter. I needed to do this one to have all the information I needed for the one I just finished. It is fun to get back to the spring novel. It has all my favorite Haven characters. I can’t wait to get the series up for everyone to enjoy. It could just be me. I hope not. But if so I have had a fun time living part-time in another universe!


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