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I’m nearly finished with a pair of reversed socks. The combo is the opposite of the pair I finished a few days ago.

I just need to finish the cuffs. That’ll be done tomorrow, I’m sure.

This was yarn from China that I bought just before the lockdown. The labels are in Chinese except for the word Bamboo. Four skeins equal four socks. I made them on KB Flexee fine-gauge looms of 40 pegs each. I started with the Kitchener cast-on, German short-row toes, and heels. Most of the rest of the sock was the flat-knit stitch. The cuff is two-by-two knit and purl rib-stitch. Extra stretchy bind-off finishes the sock.

I am nearly finished with one other thing, and I will probably finish before I go to bed, The Walking Dead volume 15. I’ll post my review on Sunday. Notice how I left Saturday open for the usual Stream of Consciousness?

By the way, I love Fridays because I get to Zoom with my BFFs! The exciting part is two of us four have gotten their vaccines (first shots). No, our little community is still waiting for the shots to arrive.

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Are the best!



Chatting with my daughter, Zooming with my friend, and finishing the pair of socks make a perfect Wednesday.

One-liner Wednesday is a fun prompt by Linda G. Hill.

NaNo Update :-(

I had a marvelous Thanksgiving. I hope you did, too. As often as I have enjoyed Zoom calls, today I set one up. It worked but I felt silly as I didn’t find the automated thing to send everyone. I sent out a text message typing out the number and finally figuring out where the password was. Oh, well, like I said it worked. We got to talk to all our grown kids today. I was exceptionally surprised to wake up to an FB IM from my son! ❤ 

I even got to chat with my friends and that was fun, too.

Oh, and my son foot the bill, and my husband picked up the Thanksgiving Pizzas. Yum! No one slaved over a meal I never was fond of. And there is always pizza left for breakfast tomorrow morning.


SO all that means that I didn’t get my words for today. I think this is the first Thanksgiving that I didn’t. Even when we’ve gotten together at each other’s homes I’d bring my laptop and type while visiting. Oh, well, I do have a storyline that is making me happy to pursue. So only added 644 words making my total to date 42,435. I need 907 to make the required 43,342. I really do far more math during NaNo than the whole rest of the year combined!

Anyway, I am so sleepy I can’t write another word.

Though I lost the day and forgot what day it was many times today, I am happy to report that Trash Day and Friendship Zoom Day brought me back. I was beginning to wonder as the garbage truck usually gets here before eleven. And since we lost track of days last week there were a lot of bags out there. Thank goodness it was just later than usual.

Okay, good. It is Friday.

Zooming with friends is the best, isn’t it? I think we laughed so much that we made up for all the horrid stuff going on lately. Hours and hours! And near the end, a bright surprise. My son called.

Don’t you love talking to offspring that are grown up and make you so proud to know them? Well, I do.

So that answers the question, What Day Is It Anyway? But who can tell? Just about the time you think you know it isn’t what you thought. #WDIIA

I love Fridays. That my Zoom with Friends day. It would be more fun if we could get together but we are all of the age that COVID19 loves the most. So we play or complain or just love each other the best we can with the face-to-face connection. Look if we didn’t get to your top issues and solve them, then nobody can! Now if only we could figure out how to get a good night’s sleep, we would win all the awards out there!

Ending the day with another beautiful sunset:

Now it is fifteen minutes until Saturday. My brain is done trying to figure out What Day Is It Anyway. Besides, it’s night. That ventures into What Time Is It Anyway, and we know that is a horse of a different color!


Have you had those kinds of days where what can go wrong isn’t what does go wrong, despite your best efforts to laugh it away?

Sunday is usually the ‘refresh’ day.  But Zoom needed an update and the sound of the UU meet was horrid. Trying to fix that I pulled out my Bluetooth headset. Well, it seemed to grab everything but the laptop. And then the Fire tried to grab the phone. Then the phone made a call to my hubby with the name Chloe. What???? It was MY phone and number he received! And to top that I had to charge each of the tech items. So there were wires everywhere and I was stuck in the chair with all that on my lap.

Picture this with gray hair and a recliner instead of a desk:


The day didn’t ever reach a calm so I think I will leave you laughing at this to keep from crying like me. I need to knit!

Hope your day was better.

I’m sure tomorrow will be another day!



I don’t know if the croakers around here look like this guy. But as I take Kali out for the last couple times of the night I hear a chorus. It is so peaceful. I wish I could see them but they are in the neighbor’s yard this year so …

All-day bingeing Grey.  And playing games on my phone. Didn’t knit or draw or coloring. And Yipes it’s nearly the end of the month! There is a dragon with my name on it–or will be when I get it done.


Starting the morning I was able to Zoom a service. I nice way to start the day with a lot of positive goodness during a negative time.

And after that, we all watched Sunday Morning on CBS. I love that show. My favorite part is the moment of zen. Today no egrets, I mean, there were egrets.


So that’s #What Day It Is Anyway.


That’s all we need!


It was a 6.5 in Idaho. We are pretty close yet we didn’t feel it. Apparently, they felt it in Washington. We didn’t. Family in Idaho had parrots and parakeets warned loudly. 2020 needs to take a break and let us all catch up!

So, this child of Southern California goes to the voice of reason. Dr. Lucy Jones, the face of every quake we had while we lived there.

Here is the URL to her Twitterfeed: https://twitter.com/DrLucyJones

Anyway, she shared this YouTube on her Twitter feed. Here is an earthquake song. I’ll share what she said in a minute. Enjoy!


Here are some of the tweets Dr. Lucy Jones shared. Go over to her Twitterfeed to see the latest.

Dr. Lucy Jones

An M4.8 aftershock occurred 35 minutes after the mainshock. You should expect more

Dr. Lucy Jones

Replying to

Idaho has a history of bigger quakes. In 1983, the Borah Peak quake was M7.0. Today’s quake is almost 100 miles northwest of the 1983 event.

Dr. Lucy Jones

Idaho is part of the Basin and Range tectonic province. Everything west of the Wasatch Mtns. is getting slowly stretched out as a bit of North America tries to cling to the Pacific plate
The weather for the past week has been making the stay home mandate even harder to follow. Lots of wind and rain and sleet and snow. Come on Spring! The dog is wanting to take a walk without me. The only weather she doesn’t like is rain. So the house may be blowing away and she is delighted to be outside. She’ll walk to the gate and stand there waiting for me, her human inside the house, to catch up. I usually have to yell to her to come back. I want to get outside but the wind and allergies are keeping me in.
I haven’t knitted in the last two days. I guess it is the FaceBook suck, cause I can’t think of what I did instead. How does that happen? I even did a questionnaire or two. Who really cares how many piercings I have, or tattoos I don’t have? Rode a motorcycle, sure. Want to zipline, only in my dreams! I don’t think arthritis and fibro would allow it.
So I’m going to stop at my usual ten-minute scan and go away.
Oh, I did play a game of GoFish with a friend. We had the Facetime going. Here’s the website where you can realtime play. PlayingCards.IO
I don’t remember ever playing GoFish. It was fun. It is a bit of an old-school type of site. Not a lot of fancy-dancy graphics. But a fun way to meet with friends and family during this time of isolation.
I do seem to be spending more time on the phone or Zoom.com or FaceBook messenger. It is kind of nice to connect with friends and family like that. And with everyone home from work, it is easier to do without interfering with their day. I’m always home, so…
Since I am not finished with Outlander book 5, I am putting off watching the series equivalent on Hulu. And we are caught up on regulars shows. So the show in the background is Dr. Pol. Teddy was left in the bedroom and that TV was still on. When I came in he was watching it intently. So it is a nice show for the furries, too!
I hope that plays for you. For some reason, it didn’t bloom into a true YouTube screen.
So that’s my day-ish. I am seriously thinking about A-Z and CampNaNo because I’m crazy like that.
What Day Is It Anyway? Brought to us by Linda G. Hill so we can keep track of when we are.

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