This is exactly what I am going through with learning to blog. By the way, Check out dreampunkgeek’s blog. She is so very talented and authentic!

dreampunk geek

Writing is a scary thing.  Sitting down to do it after a long break due to health issues, laziness, busy schedules, and stress feels like sticky summer days.  The kind where you know the plunge into icy swimming pool waters is exactly what you need, but you hesitate.  Toes over the edge you breathe in deeply, tell yourself to jump in, but your body disobeys your mind.  You stay frozen.  An iceberg adrift in a sea of heat.  Your only salvation the very thing you refuse to do.  The water will be cold.  It will shock your body as you hold your breath and lose yourself as you sink deep into the dreamy, blue, depths.  You will burst up with a splash, gasping for air, water up your nose, and wiping chlorine droplets from your eyes.  You shiver for a minute, smiling without knowing it, and you float weightlessly.


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