I didn’t realize it was Wednesday until I had already put the below in this blog.


It is my immense pleasure to introduce this installment of Leprechauns to our most esteemed instructor of life and saving our sweet Ireland, Dusty Love, whose very name explains her nurturing and care. Many of you remember her insistence that we listen and in our ignorance didn’t. Many more remember how she was able to heal illness, intensifying our most important creed to safety to all in this institution. And how incongruously she…”

Suddenly a small female dressed in an ivory colored gown, looking every inch the monarch, held up an ice cream cone and invited all to the cafeteria for the most important party of the decade. Dusty had never seen leprechauns move so fast as when food was announced. She had to hide her giggles. As in the last time she visited these delightful people, she shrank to their height and was immediately immersed in the ice cream social. Dusty made inquiries as to the health and well-being of her friends since she’d seen them last.

It was then that she told them of the item that drew her here. She was the instrument of high importance. Haven was in dire need. Did she have their assurance that they could help?

Now she was surrounded by tiny dragons and fairies. “See we learned to do this, too! Of course we can ensure all of our aid to our Dusty and to Haven. We are so grateful for all you’ve done for us. Just let us know what you would have us do.”

Then Dusty remembered how the small could get in where the larger wouldn’t fit. So she welcomed them and told them she was off to visit others who might be able to help. “I love you all and will call to you when I can pull everyone together. Meanwhile, ground yourselves and listen for Mother Earth’s instructions.”


The above was written a couple of days ago. Seems I am ahead of the game on one level! But just because we get Sundays off for A2Z doesn’t mean I don’t need 1,666 words a day for my CampNaNo goal of 50K. Just FYI I have 15,628. By the end of the day, I should have 16,660 words. So I still need over a thousand words before midnight tonight.

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