So after a day without the internet, and that at the end of being in a funk.

I decided to meander a bit using Bitmojis to help me keep the

I know I am blessed. I have lived a long and fantastic life. But I have to say, I am very ambivalent about everything right now.


Oh, gosh, this is so

But that is the haircut of my dreams right now. My hair has to be held back by barrettes. It tickles my ears and eyes all night. Before COVID19, I cut my own hair. I was a cosmetologist as a young adult. I understand hair. The plus side is I know how to do it. The negative side I can’t take my head off and put it on a wig stand and do the best I know how.ย  Maybe once it’s done I give ya a before and after.


I’m sitting here in my recliner bingeing Grey’s Anatomy and the episode Song Beneath the Song is on and that gets me every time. Check out the Chasing Cars part:

This is my favorite episode of almost any show ever! If you get the chance to watch all the music and singing, chills!!!!

Believe it or not, I was going a whole other way when I started writing here. I think music has soothed this savage beast!

Now I’m all:


and I know that by tonight I will be

Well, the cat (Rosey) is all black and then there’s Teddy the ginger, and Kali the canine to keep me company and help me sleep. See? That stupid headache last night and the deliveries and family members going to stores. That stuff that makes me not breathe. I’m so scared. Sad for those having problems. I’m doing fine, sinus headache from allergies is not COVID19 and then Callie sings All of these lines across my face and I am cured!

Rock On!

and best



Prompts from #WDIIA and AtoZChallenge.